Electricity in Canada

Electricity in Canada is produced through the nuclear power that is present in Canada. The nuclear power is used to generate about 15 % of the electricity that is produced there for consumption purposes. Canada has done a lot of progress in it electricity sector and hence they had tried their best not to hear any complain from their customers.

The nuclear power industry was setup in 1940’s and till now it had been kept on improving a lot. In Canada much of the experiments were done in order to let the functioning of electricity work properly. The electricity is not only produced through the nuclear power but it is also produced through the coal, natural gas, hydro electric and fuel.

Solar energy, biomass and wind generators are also used for the generation of electricity in Canada whereas in America, electricity is provided in different part of the country through American Electric power. None of the countries till yet have to face any sort of electric crisis and they both have improved a lot in terms of electricity.

38,000 megawatts of electricity is generated in America and their AEP is one of the largest electricity producers that is found till now. This company was founded in 1906. Canada sometimes has to take electricity from America except its own production from the company. American electric power company is located in each and every state of America with a different name. Hybrid technology is used for the production of electricity as well.

Coal electric generation is also used sometimes in America for the production of electricity and this technology had also been used by Canada as well. The American company had also been working with other companies as well which means that the AEP Company had done partnership with the other companies. In Canada, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited is responsible for the electricity sort fall or some other features as well.

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