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Npower Volunteers Should Disregard This Fake Information Concerning NEXIT loan

Some supposedly Npower Volunteers are claiming to have started receiving NEXIT credit alert via Their mobile phone. This info was disclosed on social media platforms when beneficiaries uploaded a credit alert inscribed as N-Exit loan. See the fake alert upload,


Regarding the above image, It’s no longer news that FG is on the verge of disclosing N-Exit package promised to volunteer. Although there have been delays and dilly-dallies over when beneficiaries will start receiving their exit package. Many volunteers have lamented over this delay and have waited anxiously for FG to do the needful and take them off the street.

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Rumors of FG Paying Npower beneficiaries three hundred thousand (300,000) as their exit package is still yet to be affirmed or verified from appropriate channels. The Source of such news is still unconfirmed despite it being peddled on social media, and various Npower Facebook platforms.

However, its sacrosanct that volunteers disregard such news;its falsehood and misleading. Unscrupulous elements could have devised means to deceive and defraud naive Npower volunteers who seemingly looked anxious to receive Nexit loan alert.




Nevertheless, exited Beneficiaries Should be aware that FG hasn’t dole out their N-exit package, report has it that NEXIT preparation is in its final stage; perhaps it could be revealed in a short while. Volunteers Should therefore endeavor to get real info about NEXIT via Npower verified social media handle @npower_ng, hope and pray that the long awaited NEXIT package be revealed soon.

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