David Bossie: Pelosi and Dems have a new target in their quest for election control – Iowa Rep. Miller-Meeks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and the left have a new target in their quest for total control of our election system: Republican Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks of Iowa.

Congresswoman Miller-Meeks was duly elected by the people of Iowa’s Second Congressional District in the 2020 election by just six votes.  The tally survived a recount and was certified by the bipartisan Iowa State Canvassing Board.

However, Miller-Meeks’ liberal opponent, sore loser Rita Hart, is challenging the election results in the U.S. House’s hyper-partisan Committee on House Administration.  That’s right – not through the Iowa court system – but in the Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives.

This election was counted, recounted, certified, and the duly elected Rep. Miller-Meeks was seated by Pelosi.


Yet now, nearly three months into the 117th Congress, power-hungry House Democrats are moving to sidestep the Iowa judicial system, ignore the will of the people of Iowa, and seat the loser of the election in order to strengthen Pelosi’s razor-thin majority.  Even Hart herself admitted that “there was only one way that we could get the result that we need, and that is to take this to the Committee on House Administration.”

So, why are Washington Democrats considering taking the consequential step of overturning a certified election?  Because — in the words of President Joe Biden — unity!

Realistically, undoing the results of Miller-Meeks’ election would do little to change the dynamic of the House Democrats’ tiny five-seat majority.  But the out-of-touch coastal elitists who control the mainstream media and Democrat Party view large swaths of America — so-called “flyover country” — as an obstacle to the implementation of their radical agenda.

In the absence of an impartial media, Democrats are going to get away with these reprehensible tactics, at least at first. But the Hawkeye State will remember Pelosi’s tyranny and her disrespect for their elections and their values for years to come.


To liberals, abusing their power and undermining elections in these states is acceptable in their pursuit of socialist utopian policies.

Since Democrats possess the raw power to reverse the results of this election, in their minds they’re justified to do so, voters of Iowa be damned.

In 2017, Nancy Pelosi stated “In our House, when someone gets elected, we seat them. We enfranchise their voters, Republican or Democratic. We don’t say we have to wait for the paperwork. We hear the will of the people.”

It would take an enormous and embarrassing display of hypocrisy and mental gymnastics for Pelosi to go back on that definitive stance, right?

Well, you’d be wrong to think that Democrats are willing to be held to their own standards — just consider how Senate Democrats have conveniently forgotten their own use of the now-racist filibuster when they were in the minority just last year.


According to Politico, the shameful effort to unseat Miller-Meeks has been “blessed by the top echelons of House Democratic leadership.” In other words, Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats know their scant majority is in jeopardy in November 2022. They know the clock is ticking and they have a little over a year to impose their left-wing radical agenda.  From the unconstitutional H.R. 1 to the Green New Deal, to killing the Senate filibuster, Democrats are willing to trample on the will of the people to implement their destructive vision for America.  Robbing Rep. Miller-Meeks of her seat in Congress is part of their quest for absolute power.

Let me be clear.  If Pelosi goes through with this disgraceful move, Democrats can say goodbye to their House majority.

The backlash would be catastrophic and several moderate and vulnerable Democrats are sounding the alarm.

Rep. Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey has “deep reservations.” Rep. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania said that “legislators should be heeding states’ certifications of their elections.” Rep. Lou Correa of California stated that “The state of Iowa certified it, and that’s what should stand.” Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota warned that “overturning [the election] in the House would be…painful for America,” and that “just because a majority can, does not mean a majority should.”


Where is the mainstream media’s outcry on this blatant abuse of power?

For months, anyone who mentioned election irregularities in the 2020 election was smeared as a conspiracy theorist at best, or a traitor at worst. They claimed that this was the most secure election in history and that any mention of fraud would dangerously undermine election integrity and damage our Democracy.

This is not to mention that allegations of impropriety in states like Michigan and Georgia have since been vindicated — a Court of Claims judge in Michigan ruled that the Secretary of State’s guidance to presume that absentee ballot signatures were accurate was invalid, and a judge in Georgia is preparing to unseal Fulton County absentee ballots for a fraud investigation.

The 2020 election was far from perfect. It’s a nice narrative for certain, but a tall tale nonetheless.

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But now that it’s Washington Democrats who are actually trying to overturn a free and fair election in order to increase their stranglehold on the House, their allies in the liberal media are predictably silent.

There is no outrage about the damage this will do to our country, or about respecting the will of the people, and the answer why is quite obvious:  the mainstream media and Big Tech are part of the same bi-coastal liberal establishment, and they too believe that pursuing the Democrats’ radical agenda is worth overturning an election or precedent here and there.

In the absence of an impartial media, Democrats are going to get away with these reprehensible tactics, at least at first. But the Hawkeye State will remember Pelosi’s tyranny and her disrespect for their elections and their values for years to come.


Like destroying the filibuster, few issues galvanize the American people more than stealing elections and ignoring their will.

This power grab will help deliver Republican majorities in Congress.



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