Celebrity Weddings – Sustaining the Sanctity of Indian Culture

Actors, sports stars, businessmen, Writers, dancers, musicians, producers, directors, are the people which are the talk of the town, other than the daily dose of news events and happenings. We get to hear news about accidents, robbery, shoot- outs, almost daily, and we get affected by them for a minute or so, we morn about the incident and move on. But the happenings or incidents covering some celebrity suddenly acquires our entire interest quotient. We are just too eager to know the intricacies of the news, here the factor of prominence works, because in very less cases there is any chance of knowing them personally, or we can say the proximity element is hard to get implemented in this.

Every guy and girl always fantasizes about having a girlfriend or boyfriend matching their appearance. One of the most interesting and eye catching event in the life of celebrities is their marriage. Till the time a celebrity couple gets married, their relationship is always doubtful; we never get to believe the strength of their relationship, until they tie themselves with the knot of marriage. This is also because of the believe that Indians have in the sanctity of marriage. Though not all the Bollywood couples have not transformed their relation in to a married life, but a remarkable amount of celebrity love stories have witnessed a successful transformation to the second phase of their life, i.e. wedding. Some of the wed Bollywood couples, leading their life happily are:

Abhishek- Aishwarya:

The most recent and the happening celebrity marriage witnessed by the Indian masses is the wedding of the world’s most beautiful lady, Aishwarya Rai with the most eligible bachelor of the country Abhishek Bachan. The grandness, with which the marriage was celebrated, would certainly be remembered for ages. The media coverage these marriages gets, credits to the interest of the common masses in the wedding details of their style icons. Also, when these couples tie knots, it increases the ceasing believe of youngsters in marriage.

Shahrukh- Gauri

They are said to be the most successful married bollywood couple. sharukh and gauri has been famous for their love stories and the fact that shahrukh being one of the very first actors, who became successful even after having a tag of married man. Sharukh’s loyalty and faithfulness are given as examples to youngsters to lead a happy married life. With two children, forming a fantastic family, they still look very young and are inspiration for many youngsters.

Amitabh- Jaya

They are the oldest couple of the industry, leading a very contented lifestyle with a commendable work history in the Indian movies. The family stories being published about the couple, has always proved to be a motivation for the common man in the country. The love for the children and family, togetherness, integrity are few of the elements being practiced by them to lead a successful married life.

Amir khan- Kiran Rao

Though it was Amir Khan’s second marriage, it is said, the couple was urged by Amir’s first wife to get married. Amir Khan is said to be highly influenced by his wife, according to him, she works as an inspiration for him. Also, his career has been witnessed with high growth rate, after their marriage which credits to the happiness they both share in their married life.

All these celebrity weddings have helped in a great way to maintain the cultural values of the country. The longevity of the relations shared, the family bonding, trust and inter- dependence are the factors which helps in sustaining the tradition of India, and in a way these celebrity couples work as window to India’s traditions and no doubt they have added to its values by maintaining the family culture in Indian marriages.

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