Cambodia Holiday

In the past, travelling to Cambodia can only be achieved in our dreams as it has shut its doors for about 25 years. Now it is good news to those who want to travel to Cambodia as it has finally open the doors with open arms and welcome anyone to travel and visit the country. The kingdom of Cambodia is now a safe and enjoyable destination for tourists.

Cambodia is well-known for its ancient temples, fabulous sandy beaches, dense forest and the amazing culture and amazing history. Travelling to Cambodia is certainly very educational and eyes opening and is a perfect trip for the family.

It has been said that seeing the Angkor Wat alone is worth the trip to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is known to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is built by the Khmer Kings and it took almost 4 centuries to complete. In the ancient days, this temple was hidden in the forest but was fortunately discovered by a French man about 150 years ago.

The size of Angkor Wat is so huge that it is not possible to walk from one temple to another. If you prefer to move around at your own pace, you might want to rent a motorcycle and tour around at your own time and convenience. Another alternative is that you can get a local guide which usually includes transportation. For the second option, you can get more information about the various itineraries and packages from your hotel tour counter. The “Lost City” of Angkor is indeed an irresistible attraction not to be missed.

The people in Cambodia is extremely friendly and warm especially towards tourists. Besides the vast number of tourists attractions, the friendly culture of the Cambodia people, the delicious cuisine is also another reason for the increasing numbers of travellers coming to Cambodia.

Having a vacation in Cambodia is a totally different experience and cannot be compared with travelling in a city like Japan. The pace is a bit slow here and transportation is not as efficient and fast compared with cities in other developed countries. Travelling between destinations although is quite an experience, it can be rather fun as this is cannot be experienced elsewhere.

If you are living in a fast pace country, visiting Cambodia is like visiting a new world. Everything is so different and unique here. It can be an unforgettable experience for most of us.

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Source by Vincent Karl W Lee