Berets are Predicted for Hot Fall Fashion 2006 – Plus Four Tips on Wearing a Beret

Fashion news for Fall 2006 is that berets will be the hot headgear. Berets come in almost any color for great coordination with your wardrobe. There are actually several different construction styles for berets, so don’t think that all berets are exactly alike. You can find one that will look great with your own style.

The beret is a circular cap with or without an extended headband. You are probably familiar with the look of the Basque beret in red or dark blue. There is a leather sweatband and a satin lining on the inside, but it looks like there is no brim. This style of beret is also associated with the French artist look, cocked to the side on the head.

Most military style berets have a bit more of a brim around the bottom, allowing the beret to stand up slightly on the head. The band is often of a different fabric or color than the main felt body of the beret, giving it a very different look than the classic Basque style all one piece beret.

Parkhurst is a brand of beret that uses the brim for decorative purposes, mostly for berets suited to women’s fashion. Many of their berets have a particularly wide brim with either special embroidery or decorative crochet stitches. These berets sit particularly well high on the head, giving you that added height you may desire if you have a round face. Parkhurst berets are very popular with those who cover their hair all the time, whether it be for religious reasons, alopecia due to illness or age, or a fondness for great hats.

Tips for wearing your beret:

  • Try sliding it to the side of your head a bit for an artistic look.
  • Tuck all of your hair under the beret, then pull out just bangs in front and wisps in the back.
  • Wear a brimmed beret high on the head and pull only the circular body to the side.
  • Decorate your beret with a stickpin or small brooch.

You can also sew a beret easily from fabric. These are a bit floppier than a good felt beret or a stiff crocheted beret. has a free downloadable beret pattern in a zip file. If you’re not interested in sewing your own beret, though, you can buy berets online easily.

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Source by Basya Speshel