My ideal man should not feel threatened by my achievements — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

My ideal man should not feel threatened by my achievements — Saturday Magazine — The Guardian Nigeria News – Nigeria and World News

Faith Morey is a US-based Nigerian supermodel, designer and upcoming actress. The former basketball player-turned model made a break in the fashion industry in 2009 after participating in The Next Supermodel competition.

Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Amadi in Ikwerre, Rivers State, Nigeria, Morey has a degree in law from the University of Abuja and another degree in Business Administration/Human Resources from Texas State University. She runs MoreyFaith collection, her fashion line.

Since her participation in The Next Supermodel competition, she has worked with brands such as David Tale, Clive Randle, Deola Sagoe, Lisa Folawiyo, Zizi Cardo and Mai Atafo. In this interview with IJEOMA THOMAS-ODIA, Morey shares her passion for modelling and lifestyle.

You are a model and designer. How did you develop a passion for what you do?
I am from a small town in River State where, at that time, not many choices were available for women. Over the years I understood that even folks in the lowest part of our country also want to be fashionable within their budget. Also, spending half of my life as a fashion model gave me the insight to build a brand MoreyFaith Collection, which is accessible to everyone.

Share with us your growing up and the role it has played in your career path today
Growing up without choices in fashion lifestyle. I wanted more, I just didn’t want to be that beautiful tall girl that goes to school, gets married and has kids. I wanted to see the places I saw in movies: New York, California, etc. I knew I had to create my opportunities. I played basketball for the Rivers States junior team, from a religious family in Port Harcourt, which kept me grounded and up to date in a lot of ways. Having a strong value background and close family has kept me grounded. Very often, I work super hard and maintain my family values because I always remember my humble beginnings.

After your break as a model, participating in the next supermodel competition, how would you say you have evolved?
After my break in Nigeria as a supermodel, I was sent to work in South Africa by Mrs. Joan Okorodudu, the chief executive officer of ISIS models in South Africa, NYC, Paris and London. I worked with prominent designers, which made me sought after in Nigeria when my project in South Africa was over. My successful career in South Africa made it possible for me to participate in Arise Africa Fashion Week, and later, New York fashion week where my life changed forever. A special thank you to Bryan Okwara, winner of 2007 Mr. Nigeria, who also put our men on the map. He was a big brother to me. He made sure I stayed on my track to becoming who I wanted to be.

As a US-based supermodel, are you looking at collaborating with Nigerian brands? Do you have any plan to bring your skills back home?
Of course, Nigeria will always be my motherland. After my experience travelling globally and working with different designers from different parts of the world, I realised that we too can create international buzz and we need to come back home and invest in our country. I watched our industry grow and I am super proud of where we are and where we are going. I hope to bring my skills back home and can’t wait to work with all the amazing brands we have.

What should we be expecting from you, what projects are you working on?
As an entrepreneur, I always have secret projects up my sleeves. MoreyFaith collection is currently working on Spring/ Summer collection. We are also building a sister brand that caters for red carpet looks, one-off styles and wedding guests. Our aim is to continuously provide affordable products that are statement pieces.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion is about showing your identity (self-expression) without saying a word. I believe fashion is a creative outlet that constantly changes as you grow or level up.

Fashion is respecting balance without following trends blindly. It is, after all, storytelling through our choice of clothing.

How would you define your style?
Personal style influences our daily lives, and how people treat us, respond to and judge us. My personal style has evolved over the years from overly sexy, and bling to trendy. My personal style at this point is a combination of fun, classy, sexy, elegance. It depends on my mood and the occasion.

What are your favourite fashion pieces?
My multi-coloured sapphire chain by Martin Katz; Signature diamond tennis bracelet by Blue Nile, and my gold classic Cinderella crystal shoe from Jimmy Choo.

Describe Faith in three words.
Strong, determined and devoted.

What are your hobbies?
Traveling, play basketball, read erotic /crime books, hiking and watch movies with my little man.

Who is your ideal man?
My ideal man must be able to love not just me but my little man. He must be smart, make me laugh, honest, actively support my career, emotionally mature, willing to put in work, be good in bed, rich, old enough, respect me and listen to me. He must celebrate my achievement and do not feel threatened. And he must be a manly man.

Share with us key life principles that you have learnt.
Be true to whom you are, Live in the moment and integrity will take you room money can not.

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