America Before Columbus

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There are many stories claiming that Columbus did not even set his foot in America, leave alone discovering it. Columbus is believed to have discovered America in 1492 passing through Northern America. Before, Americans lived in temples and teepees but had different customs as compared to their Europeans counterparts.

The history of Indian Americans dates back in 1902. They are of diverse backgrounds with stratified social classes from lowly educated to highly educated, rich and the poor. The great Indian Americans to inhabit America were Sikhs who are sometimes referred to as Punjab. They traveled from India, leaving their families in search for jobs in America.

Though Indian Americans have Indian origin, there population in America has increased tremendously. From 200 in 1902, to more than 2.15 million to date, they have diversified their economic background and now own multinational companies, organizations and business in almost every part of the world.

According to Charles Mann, the author of New Revelations of the America Before Columbus, published in 2005, he claims that Indian Americans were in large numbers in the western hemisphere even before Columbus discovered America. They had high level of cultural advancement.

Though the history of Indian Americans has been sidelined, their origin is diversified. They came from Fiji, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Canada, Guyana and Malaysia where their population continue to increase.

United States has the largest population of Indian Americans. They are highly religious and have profound effects in American history. They inhabited America long time during the discovery of America.

The highly cerebrated Indian American are Nobel laureates Har Gobind Khorana, Subramanya Chandrasekhar and Raghuran Rajan for their win in Nobel Prize for medicine, physics and economics in the year 1968, 1983 and 1998 respectively.

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