Actress Toyosi Adesanya Recounts How Odunlade Adekola

Toyosi Adesanya and Juwon Awe
Toyosi Adesanya, Juwon Awe

Last week, new surfaced that actor Juwon Awe, was shot dead by suspected Fulani herdsmen on Monday, January 27, on Ote road along the Ogbomosho-Ilorin expressway.

In an interview with FEMI OGUNTAYO, one of the survivors of the attack, Nollywood actress, Toyosi Adesanya, gave more details on what happened that day.

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How was Juwon Awe killed, and how did it happen?

We were going to the location of a movie by Damola Olatunji in Ilorin, Kwara State when these Fulani herdsmen appeared on the road and started shooting at us. Juwon, who was driving,  tried to dodge them, and he was targeted and shot. The bullet entered through the side window and he was killed. When he was shot dead, we lost control and the car almost somersaulted. It was God that saved us. So, they came, attacked us, collected all our phones and gadgets and belongings.

It was only the cloth we were wearing that they did not collect. There was one guy among them that was more like a Yoruba man. His Yoruba was so fluent. We were stranded there for almost six hours and they also robbed some other vehicles. We were lying down on the road there for almost six hours not knowing they had gone, because they told us if we looked up, they would kill us all. They said in pidgin, “we go gun all of you down”

Who were those with you?

My personal assistant was there with me, my younger brother who drives me was there also. Juwon just volunteered to drive me on the fateful day because my brother was tired.

There were reports that the deceased was your personal assistant?

He was not my personal assistant. My P.A is a lady. Juwon was formerly with Odunlade Adekola but it seems they had some issues, and Odun told Juwon to leave. So, Juwon went to Kemi Afolabi’s place for some time before coming to meet me. He even went to meet Toyin Adegbola (Asewo to re Mecca) and she told him to let her see Odunlade first before anything.

It was still today (Tuesday, January 28th) that I was thinking of taking him to TAMPAN meeting to beg Odunlade (Adekola) on his behalf. My thinking is that if he would not even take him back, let him be with one of us. So, it was since 2 of January that Juwon started coming to my place in Akure and I just felt I should help him, because I have known him for some time too with Odun.

So, would you say it was a targeted attack or was just a robbery gone bloody?

They were just there looking for who to rob, because I don’t think they knew we were coming.

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