A Witch Doctor Wants Me To Marry Her And Prosper-pt 2

True Life Story: A Witch Doctor Wants Me To Marry Her And Prosper-pt 2


Part 2:

After waiting endlessly for me to get a job, Jenny took to her heels. It all started with a text l sent her, asking why she seemed to be avoiding me lately. Her reply was;

“Dear Ambrose, how are you?, I saw the last text you sent me. It was very disappointing. I didn’t expect that from you. You accused me of losing interest in the relationship. But you are the one who has lost interest in the relationship. I expected you to be the man you were trying to be, but you seem to have lost your determination already. You accused me of being materialistic, but the truth is that everyone including you Ambrose needs money to survive. When you were leaving school, you asked me to give you a year to establish yourself financially, so we do settle down as man and wife. But this is the third year Ambrose, and nothing has happened. Well, this is just to let you know that as a woman, time is running out on me. And l may not have any other option than to accept the new offers coming my way. I love you Ambrose, but, let’s face reality for once. Goodbye…all the best.”

Frankly, that text killed me internally. And just six months later, Jenny did the worst. She sent her younger brother across with an invitation card to her traditional wedding. It was devastating. I cried myself to sleep every night for weeks on end. You Know how you feel when you lose a part of your body? That was how l felt, because l had lost someone l regarded as part of me. It just seemed like my whole world had crumbled.

I had thought it was the end of the world. But Luck smiled on me somehow. I got a job in a Public Relations firm. It was not a big firm. We were just eight employees. The Managing Director had big dreams about the new company, but we hadn’t the clientele to support the dream.

I was there for about six months when he called all of us one morning, to announce that the firm was closing down its operations. He never even bothered to explain what would happen to the outstanding two months salaries he owed us.

It was back to square one for me. But l still continued with life, hoping that somewhere along the line, it would get better.

Somehow, it seemed light had flickered at the end of the dark tunnel. A friend of mine, Efe (we met while in school) informed me of a Marketing firm recruiting workers.

“Their MD is my family friend, Ambrose”, he had told me. ” I’m sure he will use his connections to employ you, just apply.”

I applied.

And true to Efe’s words, l was employed. It was an exciting job, but for the poor salary. 

Then l met a new girl, Ada. She was my colleague. And the way the relationship progressed within a short time baffled everyone.

But one Monday morning, the Managing Director; the man through whom l was employed, called me into his office.

“Mr Ambrose, please sit down”, he said. “How are you enjoying your new job?”

“Quite fine sir”, l replied.

“What is your relationship with Ada?”, he asked bluntly.

I explained, l didn’t minced words. I told him how much we loved each other. And how we were even planning to get married. I told him everything.

The MD just sat there listening to all l had to say with an expressionless face. I thought he was supposed to be happy that his firm had provided a perfect ground for two lovers to meet each other. But he was not.

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I only got to know a couple of days later. Without any cogent reason, my appointment was terminated. I couldn’t believe it. I was baffled by it all. 

It was later that l got to know that Ada was having an affair with the M.D. lt didn’t end there. What jolted me was the fact that Ada, for whom l was sacked, jilted me. She just seemed to suddenly disappear out of my life. I tried to reach her on phone, but all to no avail. I even went to her apartment, but she seriously warned me never to visit her again, or risk police harassment. She didn’t even allow me enter her flat, she just stood on the doorway talking to me like l was a stranger or something.

After this encounter, l began to wonder if something was really wrong with me. It’s been almost 8 years since l graduated now, and everything l touched always failed somehow.

I was determined to find answers to my problem, so l started asking around for help. 

It was a friend of mine, Jide; who told me of this particular woman, who possessed the power to see someone’s future.

Oftentimes, l wondered how that would be possible. But Jide never stopped to tell me that a trial would convince me.

So l tried.

And what l saw baffled me. The Lady, buxom and in her late forties, gave me the mirror-image of all the happenings in my life. She faultlessly described all the important happenings in my life.

“What is the way forward”, l asked.

She dotted a broad smile, then said;

“Only me can change your fortunes. And that is why our paths have crossed. The events of today are destined from above. Believe and it will be well with you”, she said.

I thought she was through, so l answered, “l believe everything you said ma.”

But she suddenly cut in, ” You must marry me if you want to succeed in life. This is what your stars has destined.”

I was shocked beyond words, but l still managed to say;

“Give me some weeks to think about it ma.”

It’s been three weeks now, and l’m still pondering on this issue, whether l should just give it a shot or not. Yes, I genuinely want to realize my dreams. But what will people think and say if they see me married to such a woman?, especially Jenny and Ada; won’t they all laugh at me?, won’t they term me a life failure? I’m so confused. I need help please!


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