A Detailed Guide To Help You Promote Your Travel Marketing Firm With the Help of Video

Most of the decisions that a potential tourist makes are those taken on an emotional accord. As compared to any other electronic medium, videos are the most effective in storytelling. If created properly, videos can resonate with your target group and influence their travel-related decisions to be taken in favor of your brand.

By introducing video in your marketing strategy, you will be able to establish a ‘right there’ feel in your viewers making them more curious to avail of your services and visit the place. However, creating just any video and uploading that in your official website will not suffice. You need to walk the extra mile and ensure that your videos reach out to the people you want to attract to visit the location you cater to.

Live Video Streaming

A look at the video marketing stats will reveal that a higher fraction of potential tourists engage with a live video as compared to a conventional one. Since live videos are available for a short time, it instills a fear-of-missing-out (or FOMO) in the viewer making them more active on your page.

Moreover, live videos have room for two-way communication and as a travel brand, you can make the most of it by answering any potential queries that your viewers may have. Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat stories are the different platforms that you can leverage for preparing your live videos. Ideally, it is for you to experiment with the different channels and formats to identify the one that works the best for your travel brand.

Have Subtitles in Your Video

As a travel brand, a good section of your target group will be people who reside in some other continent and do not understand the language of your video. Also, there may be some people who are hearing impaired and for them, your video is nothing but a series of moving pictures. To ensure that both these types of people can enjoy your video, introduce closed captioning. Ideally, have the subtitles available in multiple languages so that the video has a wider reach.

Experiment with The Content

The key to maintaining your popularity among the audience is to give them what they want. Ideally, only 20% of your content should be self-promotional and the rest should be of value to the audience. Try to come up with informative videos that will help them at different stages of their travel planning.

From videos on things to visit while at a destination to things to pack while visiting a place, there is a lot of scope of experimentation. You can also organize polls on your brand’s social media pages to understand the type of content that is best received by your target group. If you can give them what they want to see, the potential customers will be more likely to choose you for your future travels.

Focus on Audience Reviews

Encourage users to post reviews of your service on your website and social media handles. If you have a satisfied customer, ask them if they can give a video testimonial of their experience with you. Most tourists have ample clips from their vacation, and you can weave a few such shots along with a short recording of them sharing their experience of them availing your service.

A travel business must realize that not all the reviews that you get will be positive and the way you deal with negative comments and reviews can often decide a potential customer’s first impression of your travel brand. Be authentic in your replies and take special care to ensure that you are courteous and polite on the negative ones as well.

Do not Compromise on The Quality of Your Visuals

The golden rule for travel agents is to stick to only high-quality footage. That way, a destination comes to live and any video that is of less than 4K resolution should be immediately discarded. Understand that unless the quality of your footage is up to the industry standard, even the best online video editing software will not be able to help you come up with videos to attract the audience.

Look for Video Collaborations with Influencers

Several travel influencers visit exotic destinations and use vlogs to tell their travel tales. Often, such people have millions of followers and if you can collaborate with them on a video, you gain visibility among their followers. The key to making most of such collaborations is identifying relevant influencers who are widely followed by your target group.

Leverage the Power of Virtual Reality Videos

In recent years there has been significant improvement in the world of VR and 360-degree video, and it is expected that in the coming days, the VR market will touch a whopping $150 billion. As a travel brand, you can make the most of this, by allowing potential customers to experience a location or service before making a purchase.

Top travel and hospitality brands like Thomas Cook, Visit Britain, Marriott group of hotels, and others have already initiated VR podcast series to provide a holistic booking experience. If your budget permits, it is indeed the best time to jump in the VR bandwagon and steer your travel brand on the path of success.

Encourage Customers to Spread the Word

Organize virtual contests wherein the participants need to spread the word among their peers. Have something lucrative (in the form of a sponsored trip or some discount on their next booking) to offer to the winners.

For a travel brand, it is a good idea to have a referral plan wherein they are incentivized to ask their friends and family members to avail of your services. Such initiatives will go a long way in fostering brand loyalty among your existing customers.

Video offers a lot of scope of growth for travel firms. With its popularity increasing by the day, the sooner a travel firm starts implementing video as a part of its digital marketing strategy, the better it is for the organization’s long term growth.

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