5 Reasons His Playbook Has Been So Successful

It’s entirely possible, if not, probable, many people underestimate the current occupant of the White House, in terms of his true intentions, strategies, political savvy, and approaches, to communicating, and articulating his message! After, observing him, as a fellow, New Yorker, for decades, and following his business career, and now, as President of the United States, for a little over the past 3 years, it seems, many believe he is some sort of cartoon – like character, and treat him, as such. Is he, actually, that caricature, and crazy, or, sly, as a fox? Regardless, as, perhaps, the most powerful person, in the world, because of his position, it appears, President Donald Trump, repeatedly, consistently, follows and uses his same playbook. In fact, this methodology and technique, has proven, successful, at least, in terms of him getting his own way, and satisfying his personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 reasons this man’s playbook, has worked, so successfully, for him.

1. He lies so often, people become conditioned, to it, expect him to, and seem to hold him to lower standards, and expectations: From the time, he ran for the highest office in our land, through the present – day, Trump has appeared to be, Teflon Don. His appeal to his political base/ core supporters, is so solid, strong, and seemingly, unwavering, that 30-40% of Americas, seem to see him, through a different lens, than the rest of us! Instead of holding him, to his word, and promises, many have become so over – saturated, with his ways, the attitude, and response, seems to be, what do you expect. His core, responds, by blaming others, denying, accusing others of Fake Facts, and/ or, many of the other, Trumpisms, this individual, relies on, so often!

2. Only cares about Electoral College, and core supporters: Our election system, is not democratic, but rather a democratic republic! For most of this nation’s history, the individual, elected President, won, both, the popular, and Electoral vote. We witnessed, a difference between, each method, for the first time, in recent memory, in the election, in 2000, of George Bush, where he narrowly won the Electoral College, while, narrowly losing the popular vote. However, when Trump ran, he, or his advisers, seemed to realize, he probably could never win the popular vote, so, analyzed, and used a strategy, to win, the vote, which counted! During his term, so far, we’ve witnessed many strategies, statements, actions, etc, which clearly, seemed to be done, to inspire and motivate his base!

3. Unpredictable: Like him, or not, Trump is unpredictable! He approaches the office, he holds, apparently, with an entirely different perspective, than his predecessors! While his supporters, seem, to be attracted to this feature, it concerns many other Americans, as well as a large number of foreign leaders!

4. Uses blame and complain, to perfection: Whenever, anything, he says, or does, is questioned, or others, seek to hold him responsible, for any action, etc, Trump proceeds, with his playbook – technique, of blaming and complaining, and never accepting, acknowledging, or takin any personal responsibility!

5. Lulls opponents into false confidence/ over – confidence: President Trump’s political opponents, appear, to be over – confident, in terms of their ability to defeat him in 2020, and stop his reelection probabilities/ chances! His abrasiveness, repeated questionable actions/ rhetoric, etc, may lull these people, into under – estimating his political savvy.

Wake up, America, and don’t under – estimate, this man’s chances to be reelected, but, do what you need to do, if you hope to change things, for the better! Will you vote, and make sure, as many others do, also?

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Source by Richard Brody

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