5 Concerns With Make America Great Again!

When Donald Trump, ran for President of the United States, and was elected, in 2016, he used the campaign slogan, Make America Great Again! While, this slogan, may have inspired, and motivated certain voters, especially, those, who, yearned, for the past, and the, so – called, Happy Days, this concept, should concern, those, who realize, and recognize, life evolves, and, only, when, national policy, adapts, in a relevant, sustainable manner, will this nation, move ahead, in a smart/ wise way, rather than settling for, merely, good – enough! Many believe, this attempt at populism, instead of well – considered, policy, is, not, in the longer – term, best – interests of our nation! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific concerns.

1. Same – old, rather than, planning ahead, for the future, in a relevant, sustainable manner: Either, this nation, and any country, puts quality policy ahead of populism, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, or, its leadership, is failing, to properly protect, future generations! Ignoring, and/ or, denying, Climate Change, although, every other major nation, accepts the potential threat and urgency, doesn’t make it go away! Reversing advances, in terms of protecting the environment, etc, will have longer – term, undesirable ramifications/ impacts! We need, well – considered, planning, strategy, and action plans, instead of trying to go back, to the so – called, good – old – days, is, at the very least, irresponsible!

2. Implies the United States is not great!: How does implying this nation, is no longer great, positively affect, the best interests of our country? If, the slogan, used the word, greater, or better, etc, instead, of, great, again, the message, articulated, would be a far more positive one!

3. Leading by slogan, instead of solutions: Empty promises, rhetoric, and populist slogans, which, seem to appeal, to his core supporters’ fears, biases, and prejudice, doesn’t lead – us, forward, as needed, and necessary! What we need, are viable solutions, which consider, our heritage, present needs, and intermediate, as well as longer – term, sustainable needs, and priorities!

4. No strategic planning, and/ or, action plan: Moving forward requires, well – considered, fully examined, strategic planning, in order to consider, create, and implement, the best, possible, action plan!

5. Divisive/ Polarizing: This slogan, instead of bringing Americans, together, for the common good, tends to be divisive, because, it predominantly, appeals, to those, who seem to consider themselves, the victims, of progress! Indeed, this segment, appears to be, a large component of this President’s, core supporters, and political base! Now, perhaps, more than ever before, in recent memory, we need, less polarization, and more, viable solutions, to create a better future, etc!

Wake up, America, and don’t be fooled, by slogans, and political pandering, etc! The only way, this nation, will maintain its greatness, into the future, is to plan, effectively, to address current, intermediate, and longer – term needs and priorities/ perceptions, in a relevant, sustainable manner!

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Source by Richard Brody

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