Would It Be Nice, If British MPs Persuade A US Foreign Secretary To Go Shopping With The Iraqi Army?

Wouldn’t it be nice, if British MPs debated in the House of Commons if the Iraqi army should go shopping with a US Foreign Secretary? I sure feel it would.

Or maybe not shopping, because it doesn’t have to be shopping. Perhaps a US Foreign Secretary could instead go to a theme park, with the army of Iraq. Unlike a shopping mall, a theme park has roller-coasters (or at least a theme park will or should have better roller-coasters). Shopping malls have a true variety of options of course (like cinemas), but it just seems that if an American Foreign Secretary is going to go somewhere with the Iraqi army, and that somewhere is between either a theme park or a shopping arcade, it’s the theme park which overall offers the better experience – to further make the point, it’s likely that a theme park will have DVD’s on offer, meaning that if the US Foreign Secretary or if any particular member of the Iraqi army wanted a DVD (like either a new release, or a 90’s classic for example), either the US Foreign Secretary could purchase the DVD for that particular member of the Iraqi army or a member of the Iraqi army could purchase the DVD for the US Foreign official.

But anyway: I digress. The overall issue, is to do with whether or not elected members of the House of Commons in the Palace of Westminster should debate the basic issue of whether a US Foreign Secretary should have a day trip with the Iraqi army: I for one think that they should.

As for why a Foreign Secretary, and not a Healthcare Secretary or a Finance Secretary, I suppose it just goes with the territory: relative to a US administration (any US administration), an Iraqi army is a foreign reality, or a foreign group of people. And as for why British MPs, and not US Senators who should be the ones to debate the matter, I suppose I’d just say that such is the pleasantness of the overall idea, it’s more in line with British politicians to indulge the idea (British manners and all that).

So overall, yes: not only should members of the House of Commons address the idea, of an American Foreign Secretary either going shopping with or going to a theme park with all members of the army of Iraq, but I for one agree with the idea.

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Source by Thomas H Cullen

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