Will Trouser Wearing Ladies Make Heaven? Fashion Outlook and Religion

To many of you, the title of this hub will either look ridiculous or funny, but you will be amazed at the controversy this is causing in the Christian doctrine where I come from. So many of the churches are engaged in this discussion based on the aspect of the bible where God instructed in Deuteronomy 22:5 “The women shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God”. This particular verse of the Bible as caused a lot of ripples and even generated a lot of discussions among believers and non believer at large. To some churches in my country this particular verse as been zero in on the wearing of trousers by the women to the extent that any woman seen to be putting on trouser will be regarded as a sinner. But there are churches also in my country that see nothing wrong with women putting on trousers as long as it looks good on you and will not allow another to fall into sin. I belong to this school of thought but I really don’t even know what to think again.

The world is really coming to an end and the devil is actually showing himself strong in the affairs of the world. He as completely taken over the fashion sense in the world that it will be difficult to know who is wearing rags or who is actually putting on clothes. A walk around the street will show you that morals have given way to immorality, people put on clothes as if they are harlot or “hoe” as the will be referred to by my American friends will say. Do you really blame them partly yes and no. The devil as completely taken over the minds of the designers such as:VALENTINO GARAVANI, RALPH LAUREN, TOM FORD, DONATELLA VERSACE, YVES SAINT LAUREN, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN, BETSEY JOHNSON, JOHN GALLIANIO, MARC JACOBS, STELLA MCCARTNEYand many others because all they bring from their labels is nothing but what the bible described as harlot dressing. You do not need to struggle to see what was suppose to be a woman dignity exposed to the naked eyes of men so that you can come and feed your eyes. The blame I placed on the women folk is the fact that they have decided to subject themselves to this ridiculous mode of dressing and even awards were given to the most insane designer.

You now complain of sexually transmitted diseases, the world is dying what is God doing. Let me ask you a question will you be ready to help a child of yours who intentionally disobey your instruction? No, I don’t think so. So why should women be made as sex object and every day you fight for woman dignity when you intentionally ridicule yourself in the open . Have you seen the rape statistic especially in the so called developed countries of the world. And you blame the rapist when you intentionally make it easy for them to achieve their purpose. I wonder what the world is turning to.

Rape statistics:

1. Somewhere in America a woman is being raped every 2minutes-Us department of justice”

2. In 1995 354, 670 women were raped or sexually assaulted.

3. Over the last 2years 787, 000 were raped or sexually assaulted.

4. The FBI estimated that 72 out of every 100, 000 were raped last year.

All these happened in the period of 1996, and there are estimates of silent victims, those who will not come out to talk. Don’t get me wrong, I will never support rape or the rapist in-fact I believe that all rapist should be shot. But what are women also doing to protect their dignity.

Movies will not sell except if there is sex and violence in it, sex dominated the Internet. Sex is all around us, you flaunt it, gave the wrong signals and the guy rapes you in return and you scream blue murder. Musical videos will not get high sales and ratings except women are made to dress half naked an made to shake for the guys to see. What are women doing to themselves. This is ridiculous and nobody can help you except yourself. America has become the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. all evil thing originate from America. American should thank God for the Saints who are still living amongst you if not. Who knows what would have happened by now.

Despite all I have written above, I really don’t see anything wrong with women putting on trousers because I believe that trousers were not made exclusively for the men folks and for as long as the trousers remain a unisex outfit then it will be hard for me to agree that women who were trouser will go to hell. I want to believe that women wear trousers because it I more convenient to put on, adapt to every situation, and also covers there thigh whenever the seat down. I am not claiming to know all so if you disagree with me kindly live a line or two so that I can respond to it.

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Source by Kunle Oyewumi

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