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Reason Why Some Batch C Beneficiaries Of N-Power Teach need to be Redeploy

In addition to the use of N-Power by the Government of the Republic of Nigeria as a means of creating jobs for the unemployed, work should be seen from a different perspective, in particular N-Power Teach.

Given the shortage of teachers in primary schools in many countries, the creation of the N-Power Teach Scheme should be seen as a step in the right direction to address the shortage of teachers.

Therefore, project managers are considered as educational experts in order to solve problems suitable for many project participants.

In view of the above, an error was observed in the participants of the N-Power Teach program. Unlike previous campaign groups, which show the beneficiaries of our high school youth and veterans intermediate programs, but due to the presentation of Group C beneficiaries now. The idea was split so that almost every member who reported to high school sent their letter to high school.

As a result, many colleges have more N-Power learners in their schools, which is detrimental to high school.

The sloping distribution had a negative effect on the recovery of the current NPower Teach concept.

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