Why Are Relationships So Difficult Where There Is No S*x Involved?

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Why Are Relationships So Difficult Where There Is No S*x Involved?

Good evening ma.

I am 23 years of age., waiting for youth service. I have been in a relationship for about a year now. My boyfriend is ok. He says he wants to marry me but we always have issues. And these issues is about girls. He plays with other girls too much. Liking girls pictures and generally being a playboy.

Every time I tell him that I do not think he is taking our relationship serious, he will tell me not to mind his behavior. That he plays with other girls but I am the one he will marry. In September, one girl was always chatting him and using him as her WhatsApp status. I could not take it anymore, I broke up with him.

Even though he was begging me and truing for us to get back together, my mind was made up. Anyway, that was it. One of his friends who knew we were broken up started to flirt with me. I did not give him any attention but he then bought me an iphone.

I thanked him for it and he asked me what will I do for him in return. I asked him what does he want from me cos I was not ready for a friendship. He said ok,we can hookup just once. I agreed. He is single…I am also single…we hooked up once.

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Now, this guy is asking me for another hook up or I should return the iphone he got for me. I told him to go to hell. He is now saying he will tell my ex and everyone that he has slept with me and that he used to sleep with me even when I was with my ex…which is a lie.

All these, I told him to go to hell. And he went ahead and told my ex about us hooking up. My ex called me and told me what he heard…I told all of them to go to hell. That made my ex feel bad cos I have never insulted him before since we dated. He told me he was sorry and begged me to come back to his life.

He showed me proof that he ended things with that girl and promises to be better to me. I was like, why now that I hooked up with your friend that you want me back? He said he don’t care. But my friend is warning me not to go back to him…that the guys are just trying to play with my heart….laughing at me…by sleeping with me and dumping me…

So I told him if I return, no s*x anymore with me…he then said then I cannot expect him not to cheat cos he is a man. Makes me wonder, is relationship all about s*x? Everyone around me say no guy will date me without s*x. I am confused…I do not want to be taken advantage of anymore.

How do I prevent that from happening if I agree to go back to my ex? And how do I avoid the same thing from other guys in future if I have to date anyone? Can one be in a relationship without s*x? Where do you find those kind of guys?

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Why Are Relationships So Difficult Where There Is No S*x Involved?

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