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NPOWER: What to do While Waiting for N-POWER Batch C List

The N-POWER program has within five years helped over 500,000 Nigerian youths out of joblessness and unemployment by engaging them in several of its schemes like N-TEACH, N-TECH, etc.

There has been a recent shortlisting of the new batch C beneficiaries but while the list is yet to be sent to the various State focal persons for deployment.

Here are things you need to do to keep you on the edge because once the list is out, this would be a fresh start and a new beginning for you.

1. Make Plans: The future you desire can only be gotten if you put plans in place and take action to achieve it.

Use this period to make plans and set the ball rolling for that business idea or venture you had always dreamed of.

2. Learn a high paying Skill:

Few skills are high paying, most of which are digital skills and it’s best to think toward that way.

Enroll for digital skills like graphic design, social media marketing, digital marketing, video editing, and photography.

These are skills that are high in demand and pay good money.

3. Remain Healthy and fit: 

Routine and daily Exercises are some of the best ways to remain fit.

While doing this, make sure you eat a balanced diet to remain healthy. As only a healthy and fit person can work effectively.

Visit a gym around you and enroll for a workout and diet plan and remain healthy and fit. Health is wealth

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