What My Husband’s Side Chick Did To Me On Valentine’s day

True Life Story: What My Husband’s Side Chick Did To Me On Valentine’s day

Happy Vals Lively Stones,

I am so sad right now. On a day like this that I should be happy but I am sad and feeling betrayed. My husband is a scum…the chief scum of all. I know not all men cheat but mine is no saint. I never knew my husband was a cheat when we were dating cos our dating was long distance. I was in Ibadan while he was in Lagos. I started discovering his cheating habits after marriage. I love him so much, despite his cheating, he takes good care of me, my family and our son.

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In the morning of valentine, hubby transferred 100k as valentine gift for me. I was so happy. I made gave him correct s3x before he left the house that morning. He asked if I was going to be home cos he was sending a dispatch person to me later in the day. I was thrilled to know he was going to gift me more even after the 100k. All day at home, I kept anticipating all day what gift he was sending and when it will arrive.

Finally, around 1.25pm, the package came. I was excited. I opened it and saw iPhone 14 promax, a red s3xy lingerie and one an envelop. I screamed as I opened the envelop cos it contained a hotel booking receipt in one of the best hotels on the island. The only thing wrong was: this package was not addressed to me. It was addressed to Ijay. Ijay is my husband’s side chick. I have never met her but I have seen her messages to my husband sometimes.

A few minutes later, hubby starts calling me. That the wrong package was delivered to me. That he made an order for flowers and cake for me, and the other package was him, helping his boss to surprise hos wife on valentine day. I laughed and told him he made a bloody error cos I know who Ijay is…Ijay is your b*tch. He kept quiet and he said, the dispatch will come and deliver my real package and return the one they mistake sent to me.

Around 3pm, the dispatch guy came, I collected my gift of card,cake and flowers from him but I refused to return the iPhone or the lingerie or hotel room ticket. How can I…you mean hubby will give me only 100k and cake while he gave his side chick big phones and maybe he also transferred big money to her. I will not agree….I will keep both gifts. Except the so called boss calls me to say he knows about the surprise package and it was meant to be for his wife. Until then, we keep everything for ourselves.

That made hubby upset. Around 8.30pm that night, I called hubby cos he was not yet home but he sent a text to say he was in traffic. A few minutes later, I get a call from the bitch Ijay…my husband’s ashawo….she started shouting saying I should return her valentine gifts or she will make sure I don’t see my husband again.

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Then I asked her what she means by I will never see my husband. This yeye girl said she will f*ck my husband to stupor and make sure he does not have the stamina for me any more. She said she is the one that knows how to take care of my husband ….that she feels for e as a fellow woman, if not….she would have taken him away long time. I was cursing her but she hung up the phone on me.

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I called and texted my husband …he did not pick up….I called him all evening and he did not answer. I could not sleep last night. This is the first time my husband would not sleep at home cos of a woman. I even begged him to come back home, that I am ready to return the package to his side chick. It was around 7am that my husband returned home. He refused to answer my greeting, refused to talk to me….The only thing he said was, teh delivery guy will come later, hand the package over to him. My husband changed his clothes, entered his car and drove to work.

Here I am, crying and so angry. My husband is cheating and having the audacity to treat his side chick better than me…gave her better gifts than me….slept outside our house on val’s day cos of her….refuse to talk to me cos of her….and he wants me to return the gifts he bought her today. Is this one not disgrace? Is he not trying to tell me that I dont matter to him? So what am I doing in this marriage? As his wife, he disrespected me when his side chick called me to demand for her gift and abuse me and threaten to take him away and she succeeded….

The things Ijay said yesterday still keeps me sad….saying she will f*ck my husband to stupor….that she has my husband’s mumu buttton….how am I going to take such from a side chick, a sl*t….should just swallow all that insult just to save my marriage? Is this a marriage even worth fighting for? I am 28 years old…still young…should I leave this man alone and start afresh? This disgrace is too much…other peoples’ side chick is afraid of the lover’s wife but my own husband’s side chick is threatening to make me regret….to take my husband from me…and my husband is doing nothing.

Please what can I do? Should I still keep the iPhone and hotel tickets? Should I return it? How do I continue to stay in this marriage of humiliation?


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