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What HR managers in Nigeria need to stop doing

Human Resource managers need to most times consider the plight of intending employees before sending invites for job interviews.
Below is a list of some of the things they need to put into consideration.

1. Day for job interview
Many companies these days are strict on giving their employees a day leave. This can prevent them from honoring a job interview invite because the company they currently work for may not give them a leave for them to honor the invite on the fixed day. That’s why it is best to fix Saturday as the interview date. That way, the company with vacancy will be exposed to lots of intending employees part of whom will be the very best for the job.
2. Stop asking for salary paid by previous company.
Imagine an intending employee asking to know the salary structure for the role he’s applying for. HR managers find such to be rude. Sadly, this HR managers aren’t bothered to ask to know an interviewee’s previous salary structure. They do this so that can know how to price such a person down.
3. Keeping job seekers waiting at their office.
Most job seekers usually sneak out of their place of work without without notifying anybody just so they can attend an interview. It becomes annoying when they are now kept waiting for hours just for a few minutes interview.
4. Serve the interest of workers
HR managers are now becoming like a tool in the hands of company owners to shortchange workers. They hardly fight on the side of a worker against a company that has cheated him.

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