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Want to Develop a Mistake Free App? Have a Look Over It!

Never focus on one platform

As technology is growing, daily news updates are introduced in the market. At this stage, you cannot trust anyone platform, even if it is the most popular one in the current market. The reason behind such saying is that no platform will remain forever because technology is increasing at a rapid rate. Today, iOS and Android are at the top, but if you looked back some years ago, you will come to know that RIM and PALM were the best platforms for the smart phones, but now nobody remembers this platform. This is the reason that your app should support all the platforms present in the market and never focus on any one platform.

Avoid adding bulk features

At the starting point of your application, avoid adding a bulk of features and make it simple yet attractive. App developers who are new in this field make the app full of features. With a professional app developer, you will never face this problem. You can add the user targeted features in it or as per the business requirement. As the need of different features is increasing in the Smartphone field, people think to add more features in the application that will make it popular. Try to add those features that are useful for the audience and are business oriented. If you want to increase the number of features in the application, then you can do it later in the latest version.

Always use Google analytics in your app

If it is compulsory to use Google analytics while launching the website then why you are not using it on the app releasing. You should add an analytics tool for the benefit of developers that will help them to take decisions on the data driven of user experience, patterns, contents, and the overall design. You can measure different things with the use of your application like, App crashes, engagement, daily active users, time spent on the application and retention rate. If you will use Google analytics then it will become easier for you to access all these things in your application.

Never do improper testing

When it comes about testing the app you developed, then the point comes which demands detailed testing. The beta testers are the professional testers who do the testing process in a deep manner, identifying all the possible mistakes in the app. If you will also test your app prior, before it goes to the tester, then you will avoid the later possibilities of facing errors that are identified by the tester. This will help you developed an error free application that will give the best impact on the market.

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