Wagatha Christie trial live: Rebekah Vardy told agent told to look at Coleen Rooney’s Instagram after car crash

Wagatha Christie trial live: Rebekah Vardy told agent told to look at Coleen Rooney’s Instagram after car crash

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Rebekah Vardy told her agent to leak details of an extramarital affair involving an unnamed celebrity couple, her libel trial against Coleen Rooney has heard.

The wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy has returned to the stand at the High Court after being accused of leaking “false stories” to the press.

Ms Vardy told the court on Wednesday she was “just joking” in messages where she discussed with her agent leaking a story about a woman – a “well-known celebrity” – allegedly cheating on her husband, a “well-known footballer”..

Ms Vardy told her agent Caroline Watt that she should “leak the story about her shagging G behind H’s back”,” David Sherborne, Ms Rooney’s barrister said.

Ms Vardy said she was “a bit shocked and a bit disgusted about what I’d seen in the paper”.

Mr Sherborne asked whether she was so annoyed that she had instructed Ms Watt to leak a story about Mrs F allegedly cheating.

“That’s the way it reads,” she replied, adding: “Again, in context, bits of information mixed in with other bits of information. I was actually just joking about that one.”


Trial about to resume

Rebekah Vardy is back in the witness stand to resume her day of testimony at the High Court.

Coleen and Wayne Rooney are sat at the front of the court room.

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Rebekah Vardy called Coleen Rooney a ‘d**k’ when she took down an Instagram post

Rebekah Vardy called Coleen Rooney a “d**k” after she took down an Instagram post, the High Court heard.

Vardy made the comment in an exchange with her agent Caroline Watt.

At 8:18am in the morning, one day in September 2019, Rebekah Vardy messaged Watt about a new Instagram post put up by Coleen Rooney.

She said: “One of Coleen’s kids looks like he’s got no seatbelt on whilst driving.”

Caroline Watt replied: “Yeah he is, but it’s on her private Insta so can’t do anything with it.”

Rebekah Vardy responded: “She’s such a d**k. What about the event planning for a wedding? Video is still on her Instagram.”

Vardy denies that she directed her agent to Coleen Rooney’s Instagram posts in order to leak them to the press.

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Rebekah Vardy and agent discussed leaking Riyad Mahrez training story to press, court told

The lawyer for Coleen Rooney – who is locked in a libel battle with the fellow footballer’s wife – challenged Ms Vardy on messages with Caroline Watt on Wednesday.

“You message Caroline Watt at 11:26 in the morning on the 1 February. You say Mahrez has not turned up to training again. The lads are fuming,” he said.

The High Court was told the agent suggested leaking the information to a sports reporter.

Read the full story here:

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Rebekah Vardy concedes she directed her agent to a Instagram post from Coleen Rooney

Rebekah Vardy conceded in court that she had directed her agent to look at Mrs Rooney’s private Instagram in relation a post she made on a car crash.

In a January 2019 exchange, Ms Watt asked her: “Am I imagining this or did you say yesterday that Coleen had crashed her Honda?” the court heard.

“She defo has … Go in the Instagram,” Ms Vardy replied, according to court documents.

Mr Sherborne highlighted that on the first day of the trial Ms Vardy had agreed it would have been “wrong” if Ms Watt was looking at people’s private Instagram accounts through the use of Ms Vardy’s account.

He put it to Ms Vardy that, in this instance, she was directing her agent to Ms Rooney’s Instagram.

“Yes, I am,” Ms Vardy said.

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Court breaks for lunch

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Vardy denies that she is prepared to lie under oath

Rebekah Vardy has denied the suggestion she was “prepared to lie under oath”.

The denial came as Mr Sherborne asked her about what he suggested were inconsistencies between her evidence in court and her witness statement, which he said stated conversations she had with her agent about leaking information were “never serious”.

He said: “I put it to you that when you say in that witness statement that these conversations were never serious and Caroline would have understood that, that’s completely untrue isn’t it?”.

“No, it’s not,” she replied.

He continued: “What this shows, Mrs Vardy, is that you are prepared to lie under oath.”


In Ms Vardy’s witness statement, the TV personality said: “I have sometimes been caught up in the heat of the moment during conversations with Caroline where I have talked about ‘leaks’ and payment, but these conversations were never serious, and Caroline would have understood that.

“I have never been paid for private information about anybody apart from myself or my family.”

Addressing this, Mr Sherborne asked Ms Vardy whether she still stood by that evidence, to which she replied: “Yes, apart from the Danny Drinkwater one.”

Mr Sherborne said: “So, there’s an exception.”

The barrister later said: “When you say in that witness statement that those ‘conversations were never serious’, that’s completely untrue, isn’t it?”

He later said: “You are prepared to lie under oath, aren’t you?”Both suggestions were denied by Ms Vardy.

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Rebekah Vardy is being questioned about Coleen Rooney’s Instagram posts

Coleen Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne is grilling Rebekah Vardy about whether her agent was monitoring Rooney’s Instagram account.

Caroline Watt, Vardy’s agent, had been using Rebekah Vardy’s Instagram account to look at Coleen Rooney’s posts, the court heard.

Watt and Vardy chatted between them about Rooney’s Instagram posts on private message. In one particular exchange, Rebekah Vardy messaged Watt saying: “Coleen’s Instagram, wonder if they are going for baby five.”

Watt replied with: “I already saw it, I can’t believe she’s posted it.”

The Instagram story in question was Rooney’s post about a potential gender selection for a child.

In another exchange, Caroline Watt messaged Vardy saying: “How much of an attention seeker is Coleen. No press about her post about gender selection and now she’s posting about Mexico in the hope that somebody notices.”

Rebekah Vardy replied: “Ha ha I did think that when I saw it.”

Vardy told the court that she would gossip with her agent “about lots of different things we saw”. She denied that her agent had been consistently looking at Rooney’s Instagram.

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Rebekah Vardy called Coleen Rooney a ‘c***’ for unfollowing her on Instagram, court hears

The 40-year-old took to the witness box for the second day of her libel trial against Ms Rooney, who has accused Ms Vardy of leaking “false stories” about her to the press.

On Tuesday, Ms Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne quizzed her about messages exchanged with her agent Caroline Watt.

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Recap: Rebekah Vardy told her agent she wanted paying for information about a footballer’s car crash

Rebekah Vardy told her agent she “wanted paying” for information about Danny Drinkwater leaving police custody after crashing his car, the High Court heard.

Reading texts between her and her agent, Mr Sherborne said: “You say ‘he’s only just been let out of the cells last night’ and then said you wanted paying for this.

“To which she said ‘which police station? They will need to confirm with the police station before they write it’.

“The ‘they’ she’s referring to is The Sun, isn’t it?”

Mrs Vardy confirmed “they” referred to The Sun, but, explaining the comment about being paid for information, she said: “It was a fleeting thought and one I didn’t consider any more then when I wrote it.”

“It wasn’t a serious comment,” she added.

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Coleen Rooney’s lawyer David Sherborne is having to do some quick thinking in court.

Rebekah Vardy has revealed the subject of a photo message in court, leaving Sherborne to react on the spot to new information. Rooney’s lawyers don’t seem to have had disclosure of the photo message in advance.

Rebekah Vardy has said that she shared a photo of an article with her agent Caroline Watt, which showed a piece about model and television personality Danielle Lloyd.

The photo came with the caption from Vardy: “She has gone and done it now, leak the Maldives stuff.”

Vardy is alleging that the message should have been phrased “leaked the Maldives stuff” and that she is referring to information Danielle Lloyd leaked herself.

One of Rooney’s legal team has done some quick google seaching and found that information about Danielle Lloyd’s Maldives honeymoon was published a few months before Vardy’s message.

Sherborne told the court about his team’s quick google searching and Vardy quipped that she knew he was quick online because he had followed her on Twitter.

Vardy has said that she was reacting to a combination of new information Lloyd shared in the article, some of which was about her Maldives honeymoon.

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