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AND be Careful Of The Following About MSME 30,000 Survival Fund And SMEDAN Loan


At the end of last year (2020) in October or later, the federal government began paying the men and women businesses operating in small, micro and small enterprises (MSME) to reduce the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the country’s business owners. ), A lot of false / false information is circulating in 36 states.

Since then, a lot of fake information is floating around, and some people use fake websites and links to generate traffic to their sites.

Among all these things, care must be taken not to fall into the wrong hands, and you will end up passing your data to dangerous or early potentially dangerous individuals.

To avoid the above, pay attention to the following:

1. This program is NOT performed online. None of his processes are done online. So ignore any link you see in other words. (Especially when “a little …….”)

2. There are approved, trained and approved agents for this purpose. Not everyone should provide their data.

3. Your BVN is not required for this package.

4. It is necessary to provide your name, bank details and some information such as Address, Age, etc.

5. The application shall be made in lots. There are 1, 2 and 3 lots.

SMEDAN, unlike MSME, will have to visit their office to check.

SMEDAN is applied manually.

Please share with family and friends to raise awareness.

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