Travel Guide – Dubai

Dubai Profile:

A Brief History

Dubai can be traced back some 5000 years to ancient routes between Oman and the Yemen. Dubai was developed by Sbaid bin Said Al-Maktoum, whose descendants rule the region today. Trade was typically for fish and pearls.

The UAE is comprised of 7 states, one of which is Dubai, after gaining independence from Britain in the early 70’s. Dubai is considered to be one of the most liberal of the Emirate States. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an amalgamation of seven Sovereign Sheikhdoms (emirates) Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain and Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah in 1971. The discovery of oil in Dubai greatly improved the speed of development within the region. This led to the development of the leisure industry that Dubai is renowned for today.



Main Airports:

Dubai International Airport which is located in Al Garhoud, is the main airport serving Dubai and is a major Middle Eastern travel hub. It houses 3 customer terminals and there are approximately 6,000 flights a week run by over 100 airlines including Flydubai, British Airways, Air India and United Airlines.

Main Places of Interest

Dubai Museum:

The museum which was built in the 1700s is located in the Al Fahidi Fort which is thought to be one of the oldest buildings in Dubai. Since its renovation in 1971, the museum has been attempting to showcase the old traditions of Dubai. It specialises in ‘Dioramas’, these are full scale replicas depicting traditional scenes in Dubai history especially before the discovery of oil.

Traditional Arab instruments are also exhibited. These include drums, flutes, lyres, goatskin bagpipes and other traditional instruments commonly used for special occasions.

Global Village:

Global Village has been a major Dubai attraction for the last 15 years. The main attractions are the Pavilions that host performances from countries all over the world. The pavilions represent countries including Egypt and Spain. Alongside these live performances, which are performed by artists all over the world, the Village also puts on exhibitions. These exhibitions display a host of differing artistic art forms including photography and paintings ( ).

The Dubai Creek & Abra Rides

The Dubai Creek splits Dubai into 2 areas, Deira (Old Dubai) and Bur Dubar (New Dubai). Deira is where the traditional trading occurs with countries including Iran and parts of East Africa.

Bur Dubai is where you will find various museums and restaurants.

An Abra is a small boat that allows you to travel across the Creek between the 2 separate parts. The trip gives you amazing views of the Dubai skyline. The Abra usually holds up to 20 people, all sitting on wooden benches.

Dubai Zoo

The Dubai Zoo, located in Jumeirah, is said to be one of the oldest zoos in the Arabian Peninsula.

The zoo houses over 200 separate species and includes foxes, hyenas, monkeys and deer. Endangered species like Gordons Wildcat and Arabian Wolf are also kept there.

Hours of operation: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

Admission fees: Dhs 2

Contact information: 971 4 3440462

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