Tips to Crack a Civil Service Interview

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An interview is the final stage of civil service exams. It is conducted to test the personality of the candidates and find out their capability. A committee, having a head and the expert members take the charge of this session. They literally throw questions at you and try to find out the real you within few minutes. Though, the questions are simple, but are asked in a complicated manner which panics the candidates. However, the basic key to crack this final round is to stay confident and trust your capabilities, but a few more guidelines can serve better in getting success in the interview.

Start Preparing in Advance

Since there is no particular syllabus for a civil service interview session, but any question can come your way, academic as well as non-academic. Starting your preparation on right time will be a great help. It will give you enough time to understand the things and clear your doubts. On the other hand, a little delay may leave you tensed and you may even fail to complete your studies.

Stay Positive

Positive attitude generates positive results. Hence, it is very important to stay optimistic and confident. Though there are chances of getting nervous and negative, especially for the first time aspirants, but try changing your mind and trust yourself.

Respect the Interviewers

Pay due respect to the committee taking your interview. Wish them and give them due value when you enter the interview room. Remember that courtesy is one of the factors on which they decide if you are fit for a particular job or not.

Have Command on Your Language Skills

The interview is all about what you speak. It does not matter what is your medium of the interview, but what matters is the command over that particular language. Until and unless you will not have it, you will not be able to express your thoughts and may even fail to flaunt your talent. So, having a grip on the vernacular is important.

Be a Patient Listener

It is more important to listen than speaking. To create a positive impression, listen to the interviewers first and then start speaking. Interrupting in between may irritate them or may not give them a clear answer to their question.

Remember What You Wrote in MAINS

You came to this final stage of civil exams only after clearing the MAINS exam. So, there are chances that the committee may talk about what you did in MAINS. You shall revise what you had written as distinction in the answers may lead you to trouble.

Be the Real You

Last, but not the least, show your real self. Speak your heart and talk what you actually believe in. Creating fake stories may turn you nervous and it will be an obstruction in giving your hundred percent.

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Source by Chandni Naresh Wadhwani

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