The Top 10 Tips For Starting a Work at Home Business

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It is a well known fact that our workforce layoffs from traditional job markets are entertaining working at home rather than fight the prospects of getting another job in the same or similar employment sector. As unemployment skyrockets, it is likely that people who have spent their entire lives in traditional, brick and mortar jobs, will transition to the Work at Home, on line opportunity. The good news is that the Work at Home populace will grow quickly, and the overall skill set in this line of work, will increase dramatically. The bad news is that these new entries will fall prey to the “get rich quick” marketers, and become quickly soured on the prospects of making any money online.

What these newbies forget is….it took them months and years to learn their prior professions. Somehow, entry into the Work at Home arena is perceived to be instantly rewarding, probably triggered by the outrageous claims of incredible daily and weekly incomes.

So how do you avoid this disappointment and get a meaningful home business career?

1. Set your expectations at the correct level. It will likely take 6 months to make a little money and a year or better before you can appreciate some relative success, and possibly consider this a job replacement. So be patient.

2. Learn, learn and learn. This profession has at least the same, if not more, requirements for learning. As with a regular job, a basic understanding and knowledge level will get you the minimum wage standard.

3. Expect to make some investments in tools and knowledge. Despite claims to the contrary, the riches story is never reached without investing a dime.

4. Expect that some of your investments will not have great value. The plethora of How To books in any profession runs the gamut on delivering value. Working at Home is no different, except that, there are more pretenders than actual experts in this fledgling sector. And when we change from traditional work venues, we simply have a tremendous challenge picking the best methods and programs and people, because we don’t have the experience to make good value judgments. If a program doesn’t pan out, cancel and move on.

5. When you are evaluating a possible program to join, check to see if there is a Contact Us link. If not, stay away from the program. If the page has a link, click on it to see what and how you might contact the management.

6. Read articles, watch videos, listen to audios and use your interpersonal skills and filters to pick the right people to listen to, and to trust. Even thou many programs are marketed in a similar fashion, the audio and video clips help make a determination about the person and the associated program.

7. Don’t forget your prior business experiences. Use many of the same yardsticks in evaluating your options on line that you did in prior business decisions. If it doesn’t pass a reasonableness test, then it’s probably baloney.

8. Focus on knowledge based programs and time saving tools, in that order. Only invest in tools after you understand their value through the expertise gained in knowledge based programs.

9. Make investments in pure MLM ONLY when you are a very experienced online entrepreneur, or have a truly inside position. Knowledge and tools are far better investments than pure MLM.

10. Don’t give up. Stay the course and invest your time and dollars consistently.

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Source by Howard Larrabee

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