The Right Thing to Do

My wife had the privilege of spending a few days in Taizé, a classic old monastery in France, to recharge her spiritual batteries, and there she met a young woman from Poland.

Not even a year later she knocked on our front door. She was in South Africa to help with the Taizé event in Cape Town. My wife really spoilt her, showing her the various attractions, helping her with her commitments at the event in Cape Town, and when she had problems with her accommodation, our house was the solution.

And she ate the weirdest food. I had to join in, and it was berries and salads and grass, or it seemed like it. Those people don’t eat meat, you know.

I became a bit irritated, because we had so much work…

Then I stopped and looked at my verse for the day:

13 Give Zenas the lawyer and Apollos a hearty send-off. Take good care of them.

Immediately, my sympathies lay with the poor Titus. He was working really hard for the Gospel. With limited resources he tried to spread God’s message of salvation in the world. Circumstances were hardly favourable. Always having a sword hanging over his head and his finances probably weren’t looking too good either. And now one more thing is added on top of that! Two more visitors.

But that’s what the children of God do. We don’t ask if the circumstances are optimal for helping someone else. We don’t check if there’s enough money in our wallets. We don’t even look to see who these people are, even if it’s an attorney (that’s just a joke!). We simply do. Because it’s the right thing to do.

My wife is right. She doesn’t ask how much work she has to do. She doesn’t ask if we have money or even look at her finances. She doesn’t ask how much petrol she is going to use driving around giving the girl from Poland a good time. She simply does it. It’s the right thing to do.

I think sometimes God stretches us a bit to see how far our faith in Him will go. But even more, I think, He stretches us to see how far our deeds will go. Are we prepared to trust Him to make things work out, even if we think we don’t have the time or money or strength to help others?

You see, as the saying goes, we have to practice what we preach! We say all the time we have to help others. We use such lovely words and say that it’s every Christian’s responsibility to make a difference in God’s New World. But do we do it?

Yes, but often on our terms. Only when it’s suitable for us to help. That’s not right. We must be ready to help in all circumstances and then joyfully. May that be so!


Titus 3:12-15


Are you able to give?

What do you have to do?



Father, I realise I’m a bit too comfortable. I realise I actually only want to give in good and enjoyable circumstances. Please help me get up at any time to do good to others. Please help me make a difference in the lives of other people wherever I go. In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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Source by Gerjo Ben Van Der Merwe

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