Teaching in the Middle East

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Teaching in the Middle East is an exciting place to live and work. It has all year sunshine with a good climate for most of the year; it has a remarkable culture and thriving expatriate population. Schools provide free furnished accommodation and tax-free salaries. Those who enjoy the Middle East are accepting of foreign cultures and sensibilities, adaptable, flexible, outgoing and willing to see everyday things from another viewpoint. If this sounds like you, many exciting opportunities might await you in the Middle East! Middle Eastern Schools almost always provide housing as part of the employment package, as housing is very expensive. Housing is usually an apartment that is hard furnished with a bed, dresser, table and chairs etc. Soft furnishings such as cutlery and dishes may or may not be provided, but are not expensive to buy. Utilities are very cheap, and again may or may not be included in your employment package. Annual return flights will also be included.

is it safe?

Safety and security are topmost on the minds of many potential expatriates. We have all seen news footage of women in black habiyas, unable to drive or leave home without an escort. However, this is an exception and extreme case of what you will find in the Middle East. All countries of the Middle East and Near East are very safe and accepting of western expatriates, provided they show respect for their religion and traditions.

The crime rate in most Middle Eastern countries is very low and women are allowed to drive and walk unescorted. In general, as with traveling abroad anywhere, it is important to be aware of and respect the culture and sensibilities of your new host country. Many countries in the Middle East have restrictions on couples living together who are not married, and many are not accepting of homosexuality.

Where can I go for my holidays and weekends away?

Being based in the Middle East is an ideal stepping stone for exciting weekends away and exotic holidays in places that you never though you would experience. Imagine checking out Cairo and the pyramids for the weekend, or spending a few days on the Red Sea Coast, or driving to Oman to camp from your base in the UAE. Expats in Kuwait, despite an awesome social life can fly down to Bahrain or Dubai for the beer and the clubs. Further afield there are some great vacation ideas.

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