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Total Number of Survival Fund CAC Certificates Given Per State

This post update contains the total Number of CAC certificates that has been generated per state. If you recall, the Federal Government created a post-Covid-19 pandemic survival intervention to support micro-enterprises to formalize their businesses, so far 100,000 CAC certificates have been awarded across Nigeria. The table below shows the breakdown of number per state.

Total Number of CAC Certificate Generated by States 2021

State Total Number
Abia 612
Adamawa 5135
Akwa Ibom 2859
Anambra 1853
Bauchi 1680
Bayelsa 3421
Benue 1011
Borno 5728
Cross River 3878
Delta 258
Ebonyi 592
Edo 802
Ekiti 785
Enugu 1314
FCT Abuja 1326
Jigawa 5221
Kaduna 2801
Kano 6814
Katsina 4316
Kebbi 1915
Kogi 2506
Kwara 286
Lagos 975

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