Science Reveals The Perfect Age Difference for A Strong Lasting Relationship

Science Reveals The Perfect Age Difference for A Strong Lasting Relationship

Scientists at one of the leading research institutes in the US; Emory University Atlanta, Georgia, have conducted an interesting research, to reveal the most perfect age difference for a strong lasting relationship.

Of course, most people say that age is just a number. And the only thing that matters is if the partners involved in the relationship really love each other.

But what if that’s not really true, and based on age difference between the two partners involved in a relationship, can you predict how strong a particular relationship will be, and how long it will last?

Science Reveals The Perfect Age Difference for A Strong Lasting Relationship

Now, no one has a clear understanding of how a successful relationship really works, but scientists seem to have found the determining factor.

According to research conducted at one of the most trusted research facilities in the United States, Emory University in Atlanta, there is a mathematically calculated perfect age difference that can increase your chances of having a successful long-term relationship.

3,000 people participated in the study. Everyone has been married at least once. Scientists have found a fun connection: the greater the age difference, the greater the risk of separation.

Of course, we cannot be sure and there are definitely exceptions, but the results can at least explain the conflicts that couples have at different stages of life. This is because partners tend to have very different interests and goals, when their age-difference is too wide apart.

The researchers shared more detailed statistics that say the risk of separation for couples more than 5 years apart in age is 18%. If the age difference is 10 years, the risk increases dramatically, up to 30%. And for couples separated by 20 years or more, the predictions are very negative because the risk of a breakup is 95%.

Science Reveals The Perfect Age Difference for A Strong Lasting Relationship

The researchers looked not only at age parameters, but also at having children before marriage, having a child together, the length of dating, the expenses of the marriage, education, and many other factors. In fact, if the partners have a big difference in education, the risk of the breakup is 43%.

Now to the main point: scientists have also found the perfect age difference: it is one year (in fact, people of the same age and with an age difference of 1 to 3 years are also in this group). These are the couples who are most likely to be together: the probability of separation is less than 3%.

Of course, we wonder why this happens. It’s probably because your goals and values ​​in life are really different. People with a significant age difference see the world in very different ways and the chances that their hobbies and dreams are similar are very low.

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The Conclusion:

As we said before, of course, there are exceptions. And the numbers are not everything, they are just some data that shows a certain trend, but that does not mean that all couples in the world work that way.

So if you are in a relationship with someone older or younger than you, don’t worry. The most important things are feelings, mutual respect, and comfort. And if your relationship has these ingredients, you need to keep them.

And if you are looking for a partner and all your past relationships did not turn out well, try analyzing the statistics and the age difference. If these trends work for you, try building a relationship with someone your age, and maybe you will find your happiness.

Do you think age can really define the success of a relationship? Kindly share your opinion with us.

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