Sanwo-Olu out of isolation, says experience was a big bout

Gov Sanwo-Olu recommends investment on entrepreneurship for quality education in LASU
Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.

…Lagos sets to launch 10 oxygen camps for critical cases

…As Govt loses staff to virus on Xmas eve

…Bans New yr crossover services, citing FG curfew

…Urges residents to be vigilant, reports mild symptoms to medics

By Olasunkanmi Akoni

Amid spike in cases of COVID-19, Lagos State Governor, Mr, Babajide Sanwo-Olu said that 10 oxygen camps are ready for the treatment of critical cases in the state even as he said he had a big bout with the virus while in self isolation.

This came as Sanwo-Olu, announced the death of an official of the state government who died due to COVID-19 complications on Friday, Christmas eve, stressing the need for residents to be vigilant. “COVID-19 is real and the second wave is deadlier,” he added.

The governor made the remarks on Thursday, while addressing the media at the Lagos House, Marina on the update of COVID-19 situation in the state.

He also used the occasion to announce his recovery from the virus and self isolation after 14 days of treatment.

Sanwo-Olu, who was full of life and gratitude to God, described his experience in isolation as ” a difficult bout, ” for survival.

While responding to questions from newsmen, Sanwo-Olu disclosed that,” We have 10 oxygen camps for critical cases, six of them are located at Infectious Diseases Hospital, iDH, Yaba, while the remaining four camps will be launched next week.”

On his recovery, Sanwo-Olu stated, “I am grateful to the medical personnel who have cared for me over the last two weeks, since my COVID-19 diagnosis; and to you the good people of Lagos State for your well wishes and prayers regarding my health.

“I spent 14 days in isolation, experiencing mostly moderate symptoms. It was an experience I am very glad to have put behind me.

“I received very dedicated and competent care from the Lagos State COVID-19 Treatment Team, and I am extremely proud of the work that they do. They are a big part of the success story of the Lagos State COVID-19 Response.

“I was fortunate to have had a relatively moderate COVID-19 experience. About one in every ten persons who contracts the disease in Lagos State is not so lucky; they have to go into intensive care, and some of them do not make it out alive.

“My experience, I had a big bout, it was not mild but moderate. Loss of energy, tiredness, loss of appetite, I really felt it. Mere looking at an oxygen in front of me, was scary. So, its real. Check your oxygenation level because you may be on reserve. Don’t take chances. We need to protect others.”

“For this reason, my gratitude is deep and profuse. And it is also for this reason, that I am here to appeal to us all today, that the best way to be lucky is not to get infected in the first place.

“The cliché, prevention is better than cure, should be a watchword for each and every one of us at this moment in time.

“Gatherings are not meant to take place. The curfew that has been set by the National Centre for Diseases Control, NCDC, Presidential Task Force, PTF is still active from 12 noon to 4 am. There is national curfew and that has to be respected.

“There are no night vigils in any form. Instructions are there, all restrictions are still in place as set by PTF and Lagos State Safety Commission.

“This is just one Christmas, we will have several others. We can have our prayers at home, people need to obey those rules.

On isolation centres

“The level of admission we are having now, statewide is still under our control of 30 per cent based on current facilities we have.

“We have capacity that runs into couple of hundreds. Our bed spaces in IDH alone can take over 450 to 500. The situation now is not alarming in terms of admission.

“We have capacity to actively open up other isolation centres when there is the need for that. We are also tracking admission capacity of approved private hospitals as well.”

“The challenge is for people to speak up and be truthful with their status so that we don’t run into panic mode.

Oxygen camps

“We built them at our general hospitals. Oxygen in IDH. We have a full oxygen plant on IDH, Infact there are 10 locations we have built, six are ready and each have different bed sizes. They are ready to go life.

“Let me sound this note of warning again, as I have done from the onset of this pandemic, COVID-19 is real. It is here with us, and it is not a respecter of anyone, or of social class, religious belief, or partisan affiliation.

“Not only is COVID-19 here with us, this second wave we are currently seeing is proving to be more ambitious than the first wave.

“We are seeing infection figures that are surpassing what we saw at the peak of the first wave, and, just like then, Lagos remains the epicentre.

“As Nigeria’s most populous and densely-populated city, and a centre of international trade and commerce, this is not surprising in any way. But it is also the reason we need to exercise an abundance of caution.

“World over, Christmas is associated with gathering, merriment and traveling – which all, sadly, contribute to the spread of the Coronavirus. We must now seek to minimize as much of these activities as we can, at this time and going forward.

“Remember that by acting responsibly, you’re not doing only yourself a favour, you’re doing other people a favour, especially those among us who are elderly or medically vulnerable.”

Sanwo-Olu, urged anyone with slightest symptoms not to assume that he or she has a case of malaria or other illness.

He continued: “The default position should be to test for Covid-19 and rule this out, due to the easy transmissibility of the disease.

“Persons who have tested positive to the Coronavirus must be open and honest with anyone they may have interacted with while infected, so that effective tracing can be done and exposed persons can take appropriate measures to self-isolate and not further spread the disease. We must not hide our status from the people we have been in contact with.

“All non-essential travel plans, whether local or international, should be suspended or cancelled at this time, until further notice.

“Passengers arriving in Nigeria from abroad must ensure that they submit themselves for their post arrival testing as advised, seven days after arrival in the country.  Doing otherwise, puts the health and well-being of the loved ones they came to visit in jeopardy.”

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