Roland CD2i SD-CD Recorder Review

Roland did it again! The new Roland CD2i SD/CD Recorder is the newest member to Roland’s family of handy equipments that has all the possible features in one package.

The Roland CD2i SD/CD Recorder is primarily a portable CD/SD Card recorder that will let you burn finished CDs without needing any computer. Its built-in high quality stereo condenser microphones enable the CD2i to capture audio during live performances. However, for those who want to do it the traditional way and record audio from a separate external source, the CD2i also has stereo line-in inputs. This is even great news for people who own old vinyl – with the CD2i, they will now be able to convert their old vinyl records and archive them into a CD.

If you are rather the more creative type, you can take advantage of CD2i’s ability to create a performance while you improve your musical skills using the CD2i’s onboard features. And if you are not satisfied with what you just recorded, the CD2i will let you over-dub additional parts right there and then!

With the Roland CD2i Recorder, you can repeat sections of any audio should you need to study some musical parts. You can also change and manipulate the key and tempo and at the same time decrease the tempo without harming the audio’s original pitch when learning tricky sections of songs. On top of that, the CD2i also has its own, onboard metronome! That feature alone makes the Roland CD2i not only an ideal tool, but a very useful and convenient gadget for music teachers, students, and even musicians since it provides the ability to record lessons as well as performances. The Roland CD2i is the perfect recording gadget if you are looking for something that will give you a clean and with tremendous detail when you review and analyze your performance.

But despite Roland CD2i’s convenience and ease of operation, some people still find the things that it can do a little overwhelming. But Roland’s years of experience allowed them the foresight to anticipate just that and provide a solution for such concern. When you get the CD2i, Roland have included the Easy Guide Facility. Essentially, it is an instruction led commands that you will see on the LCD screen. The Easy Guide will walk you through operating the CD2i, step by step with instructions available in six languages. By utilizing the Rehearsal function, the CD2i automatically adjusts the input level in order to give you nothing but the best sound without having to go through the trial and error phase.

Having said all that, the Roland CD2i Recorder is surely an extremely user-friendly and intuitive product.

Focus on your music and let the Roland CD2i change the way you rehearse and record!

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