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The Following are the necessary records and qualifications you should have before you can get to a Nirsal Loan

Your letter of business

Your compensation slip

Your staff ID card

A half year proclamation of your ledger

Other legitimate methods for ID like your National ID, Drivers’ permit, etc

A service bill

2 visa photos

An underwriter structure

Stage 1 – Farmer/Agribusiness applies for a credit from a Commercial Bank and demands for NIRSAL CRG cover.

Stage 2 – Bank favors the credit and sends CRG demand and important records to NIRSAL in the interest of the rancher/agribusiness.

Stage 3 – NIRSAL audits Bank’s solicitation and checks reports for fulfillment, precision and legitimacy.

Stage 4 – If records are all together, NIRSAL and Bank direct homestead/site appearance and set up a report which is exposed to NIRSAL’s inner endorsement measure.

Stage 5 – Upon endorsement by NIRSAL and installment of CRG expense, NIRSAL issues CRG for the Bank for the rancher/agribusiness.

Stage 6 – Bank dispenses the credit to rancher/agribusiness and NIRSAL begins project checking through its cross country Project Monitoring, Reporting and Remediation Offices.

This advance is up to 10,000,000 (Ten million naira), and is without security..

To apply for this loan, visit the Nirsal official website and carefully follow the application guidelines.

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