Recruitment Trend in the Arab Market

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As it appears form recent studies by leading Dubai and Ryadh based manpower recruitment firms, it seems certain sectors are doing extremely well despite recession while other sectors have taken a heavy beating. Being in a manpower recruitment and outsourcing arena for almost two years now, I have picked up a habit of following the most active markets. United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arab and other countries matter a lot to me as my clients, whom I promote, provide recruitment services to many companies here.

Khaleej Times recently reported a study by online research firm regarding fall in advertisements for vacancies in Arab World. It seems the market has shrunk by almost 40% overall. You could blame that easily on recession. But there are thick silver linings to the black clouds here. Certain sectors have witnessed a positive growth, based on their demand for manpower. They are infrastructure development sector and auditing industry. Arab world, particularly Dubai, Ryadh, Baharin, Qatar continue to draw foreign investments in the constructions sector. Demand for infrastructure-related openings jumped by 142 per cent riding on massive spending by GCC governments this year on road, railway and airport projects. 25 per cent more Auditing personnel were required over previous year.

Most of the workers beings expats, a bulk of workforce comes form India, Africa, South East Aisa. Recruitment Agencies for UAE are quite active in this regard. They seem to meet sudden demands for manpower very effectively. These agencies facilitate hassle free and swift passport and visa proceedings which enable the worker to join at work almost immediately. There have been reports presented by the Government that around 150,000 people have returned form Gulf due to loss of jobs this year. Despite the report there are still people moving out to Arab countries for new jobs every day.

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Source by Rooturaj Pattanaik

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