Recruitment Agencies in Dubai – The TOP 20 – Best of the Best

There are thousands of Recruitment Agencies in Dubai. Whew! That’s quite a few by far. Do all of them deliver results? Well, no. They don’t. Some deliver spectacular results. While most others do not deliver any whatsoever. Now, which ones should you apply to? Yeah, that’s right. The best of the best. You do want spectacular results, right?

Recruitment Dubai is big time, since almost 80% of residents in Dubai are non-Emiratis, who come searching for a great life and career from over 200+ countries world-wide.

There are lists and then there are some more lists. It’s been our passion to provide a TRUE list of the TOP 10 or TOP 20 Recruitment Agencies. We’ve left no stone unturned to make this list as close to reality as possible. We rated agencies on the following criteria:

  • Career Field Specialisation.
  • Number of dedicated Recruiters in a Career Field.
  • Experience and Quality of Recruiters.
  • Customer Service.
  • Number and Quality of Companies with which they have Contracts.
  • Percentage of Successful Placement.

and many many more.

We then took real feedback from candidates who were interacting with these agencies in their quest for their dream job. We also contacted a handful of Human Resources Managers from a cross-section of career fields and industries, since they interact with various Agencies to provide them with potential candidates. This data was then researched & compiled to produce the results that you know of as the TOP 20 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai.

So, here is the list of the TOP 20 Recruitment Agencies in Dubai:

1. BAC Middle East – Rating: 4.89

2. Hill McGlynn Dubai- Rating: 4.84

3. Charterhouse Partnership UAE- Rating: 4.81

4. Clarendon Parker (Middle-East)- Rating: 4.70

5. ACR World International Search- Rating: 4.77

6. iQ Selection – Rating: 4.72

7. Executive Solutions UAE – Rating: 4.66

8. SineWave HR Consultancy – Rating: 4.52

9. Edge Executive Business Consultancy FZE – Rating: 4.48

10. Gulf Connexions – Rating: 4.45

11. Bin Eid Services – Rating: 4.41

12. Domino Recruitment & Consultancy – Rating: 4.39

13. Options Group International (UAE) – Rating: 4.37

14. SOS recruitment Consultants – Rating: 4.35

15. Jobs Middle East – Rating: 4.18

16. Kershaw Leonard- Rating: 4.02

17. JobTrack – Rating: 3.97

18. Nadia Middle East – Rating: 3.94

19. Work Circle – Rating: 3.87

20. Bayt – Rating: 3.82

This list and the ratings are updated frequently, so to view the latest list you’ll need to navigate to Recruitment Agencies in Dubai often.

Your Opinion is very IMPORTANT. If you’ve had an experience with recruitment agencies in Dubai, whether good or bad, then please tell us about it. This will help us in our efforts to constantly present a TOP 20 list, close to reality, for the benefit of others like you. Please use the form available on the webpage to vote for your favourite Recruitment Agency in Dubai.

5 rating is Excellent, 4 is Very Good, 3 is Good, 2 is Okay and 1 is Bad.

The votes received from candidates, HRD Managers and our own research team is computed to arrive at a rating that is shown against each agency in the above list.

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Source by Shabbir Kagalwala

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