Qualities of a Good Neighbour

Neighbour are part and parcel of our life. They are ones who are separated from us by just a boundary of wall. They are closest people who live beside us more than our other close relatives who live at a far-off place. As the old biblical quote says ‘Love thy neighbour as thy self’.

It is stressed in almost all religious scriptures as to how well they must be treated. They are very important people who would stand by us for every mishap that might occur. They should be treated as a close relative and with due respect.

If we are looking for a good neighbour, I think it is obligatory to be a good neighbour ourselves with all the possible good qualities a good neighbour could have.

Maintaining a strong bond with them is very important for several reasons. For instance, when we have forgotten a key, as how the human tendency is, it is advisable to keep a spare key in advance with our neighbour so that spare key can be utilized.

Secondly, another way to build good rapport with the neighbours is sharing some of the delicious food prepared at home with them. This attitude or custom may not be so prevalent in India, but it’s very common in Gulf countries especially Saudi Arabia.

I think such good cultures and customs of treating your neighbour takes a long way in building a strong bond with a neighbour and, also make us understand the complicated love we could have towards our neighbour.

Let me give a good example of good neighbour while I was a kid of 7 years. We were in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We had such a lovely unforgettable relationship with them. We appreciated each other by giving the home-made biriyani or sweet dish my mom would prepare. At the same time, the local Saudi Arab family who were indeed an excellent and considerate neighbour returned back the affection by sending a lot of groceries and fruits. As they enjoyed our delicious meal, however, could not cook the same tasty meal and send it back to us. So instead, they would send a bundle of groceries like cheese, oranges, apples and so on. Our bond with them was so strong that when we had to part as we were leaving to India for good, both the family members were deeply touched with tears. So this is exactly I would attribute to a good neighbour.

I believe these small things that we do to them eventually really pays off by uniting the cultures of two nations and also two different families.

Besides, it also does not matter which religion the neighbour follows, but it is always healthy to keep strong relationship with them. It is a pleasure to share our joys and sorrows with them which in fact will make a good neighbour a good friend of ours too.

In short, a good neighbour should have the following good qualities:

  1. ability to have empathic communication,
  2. Understanding,
  3. patient,
  4. tolerant,
  5. social,
  6. Sharing attitude
  7. Considerate and respectful
  8. Generous and helpful
  9. Trustworthy

Nevertheless I have also come across some neighbours who are jealous of your well-being and prosperity and also have the curiosity to listen to what’s going on in your house so as to add it to the talk of the town by gossiping. This is exactly where I do not want to be had I been given the chance to chose.

All in all, I would want my neighbour to be trustworthy, sharing, helpful and understanding preferably even though it might be difficult to have all the ideal qualities of a good neighbour I could only dream about.

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Source by Yasmin M Elias

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