PS5 restock UK – live: Smyths PS5 drop rumoured today, stock updates on Game, Currys and ShopTo

<p>With an eye on all the major retailers, follow live for the latest news</p>

With an eye on all the major retailers, follow live for the latest news

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Update: Smyths Toys is rumoured to have a drop this morning. Read on for more details.

The PS5 console was released more than six months ago, but if you’re a gamer you’ll know how hard it has been to get your hands on the latest device.

Restock issues have been plaguing Sony since the reveal, and despite stores reopening in the UK as lockdown measures lift, the situation doesn’t seem to be getting much better.

It has become so difficult for people to get their hands on a PS5 that it’s spawned a whole Twitter community of stock trackers, as well as a 24,500-strong community of Redditors all trying to nab the console before it sells out again.

But, it’s not all bad news, as Very, Littlewoods and Shopto all restocked yesterday, with Game following shortly behind. Currys sent out VIP codes too. Last week, we saw smaller drops at AO and Amazon, as well as another restock from Game that lasted an hour and a half.

Owing to the high demand, we’re here to help you get your hands on the coveted Playstation by keeping an eye on all major retailers, as well as offering the latest details on any rumoured releases. Follow live so you don’t miss out.

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Check stock from UK PS5 retailers below:


Amazon PS5 digital restock live now!

Good morning PS5 hunters! And what a start to the morning. Amazon has just had a drop of the digital edition of the PS5 console (£359.99, If you’re seeing a message saying that it is undeliverable to your address, ignore it and add the console to your basket, you will still be able to checkout.

If you’re having issues, add it to your wish list and checkout that way. Good luck!

Alex Lee28 May 2021 08:09


A recap of today’s PS5 restock events

It’s probably been one of the most disappointing days for PS5 drops. Not even any small-name retailers had any drops today, and we didn’t see that rumoured Smyths drop this morning. As ever, thanks for following along with us. Here’s hoping tomorrow will bring a bountiful amount of PS5s.

In the meantime, the annual PlayStation Days of Play sale is currently on. A number of PS5 games and PS4 games are heavily discounted right now. More details in the article below:

Alex Lee27 May 2021 17:13


Where to pre-order the new cosmic red and midnight black PS5 DualSense controllers

If you’re looking for a new dualsense controller to go along with your new PS5, why not have a look at Sony’s sexy cosmic red and midnight black colourways?

The dualsense controller is so good that even Xbox’s boss Phil Spencer praised it in an interview with The Verge. The haptic feedback system, which allows you to feel your heart in your hands when you’re low on health, is just one of the neat things the controller can do. Find out where you can pre-order the controller below.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 17:00


Why is there a PS5 restock shortage in the UK?

The PS5 is basically gold dust – but why have there been so many restock problems? Well, essentially it’s all down to coronavirus.

Having launched in the middle of a global health crisis, production lines across the globe were shut down and everyone was encouraged to stay at home. At which point demand for home electronics shot through the roof as people found themselves with nothing to do, leading to a shortage in semiconductors (i.e. the chips which power the PS5 and many other consumer gadgets).

This messy situation is what has led to the current shortage of PS5 consoles. If you want to read more about why it’s so hard to buy a PS5, have a read of our explainer on the PS5 shortage. Sony’s boss expects production of PS5 consoles to ramp up in the summer, so hopefully, bigger drops are on the horizon.

For more on the PS5 restock problems, read our explainer here:

Alex Lee27 May 2021 15:00


A hack for the Amazon PS5 restock next week

Here’s a tip for those of you excited about the rumoured Amazon PS5 drop next week, tipped to be a hefty 13,000-strong haul. First of all, make sure to use Amazon Smile – a separate website which gives a portion of the cost of your purchase toward a chosen charity of your choice. Amazon Smile gets a lot less traffic than the regular Amazon website, so you can check out faster.

Another tip is to add the console to your wish list and then once the PS5 goes live, add it to your basket. Apparently people have found more success this way. t.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 14:00


Argos PS5 restock expected in mid-June

It appears the console Gods delivered all their PS5 goodness on 26 May and decided to neglect this hot and sweaty Thursday. While five retailers had drops yesterday, today has been dryer than the Sahara Desert. The rumoured Smyths drop has yet to materialise, hinting that a Smyths PS5 drop could come tomorrow or next week instead of today. We’ll keep an eye out in either case.

In better news, Argos could have a drop sooner than expected. While the retailer was due to have a restock on 27 June, rumours suggest that it could now be much earlier. We’ll let you know if we hear more.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 13:07


Top tips for securing a PS5 from Smyths

We have a couple of tips for securing a PS5 at Smyths Toys of the rumoured drop. Note that it’s not in stock just yet, but if it comes – these are the tips to follow.

If it shows that the console is out of stock, keep refreshing the page. Unlike Very, you won’t be locked out if you spam the refresh button. This is apparently because the PS5 is drip-fed onto the site.

Another tip which makes use of the refresh button: If you’ve added the PS5 to your basket and you get an error page when you try to checkout, keep refreshing and you’ll eventually be able to pay. Good luck.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 11:00


Sony PlayStation Direct store launching in the UK

In other news, we’re about to get an extra PS5 stockist to keep our eye on. According to Video Games Chronicle, Sony Entertainment confirmed at an investor relations event that it intends to launch PlayStation Direct in Europe, first with the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The sad news is that it might not launch until March 2022 at the latest. By then, we hope issues with PS5 stock will be remedied.

Sony launched the PlayStation Direct store in the US in September 2019. It sells consoles, accessories and peripherals direct to consumers. The store had a PS5 drop in the US last week.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 09:43


Smyths PS5 restock could drop today

Smyths last had a PS5 drop in early May. As with many retailers, the drop was unexpected. Right now, the company’s website says that stock is due to arrive by June, but one Twitter stock tracking account claims that a drop at Smyths could happen today. According to the Twitter account, Smyths has just received a shipment of stock and they could drop at any moment. If it pans out to be true, we’ll let you know!

Alex Lee27 May 2021 09:03


Will there be a PS5 restock in the UK today?

Good morning PS5 hunters! What a day we’ve just had. We saw not one, not two, but five drops from various different retailers yesterday. And it all started with that glorious Very (and sister company Littlewoods) drop we’d been waiting 77 days for. While there were a few hiccups with the website, we hope you managed to clinch one.

If you didn’t, chances are you got one from the massive four-hour drop at Game – rumoured to have been a haul of 15,000 consoles. Rounding off the day was a small drop from ShopTo, while Currys sent out more VIP codes. Check your inboxes, you might be one of the chosen ones.

If not, well, you’re probably super unlucky. But don’t fret, all of the drops above – bar Very – weren’t predicted and took us by surprise. Amazon and Smyths could have drops very soon. We’ll let you know as soon as they happen.

Alex Lee27 May 2021 08:44


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