Problems With No Longer Being a Spring Chicken

It’s great when in your eighties you decide to take on tasks and activities you achieved with ease in your younger years. The only trouble being that these no longer are easy to fulfil as the body often no longer has the stamina to complete them. Or, sometimes, even attempt them in the manner they were accomplished in bygone years without any effort.

Coronavirus hasn’t helped either as lockdown has curtailed people from their usual exercising at the gym or spending time going out for walks. Passing time meeting up with friends is out of the questions now that one is so housebound. Visiting the library to exchange books or other reading matter or even buying magazines are things you, unfortunately, cannot do.

However, if you are computer literate then this becomes a wonderful and interesting way to spend time. Browse through the internet to find topics that you enjoy. Taking on challenges, shopping online or even just enjoy watching sitcoms and movies on your laptop. Contacting friends you haven’t seen or spoken to for ages can put a smile on your face and give you plenty of satisfaction while curled up on a sofa relaxing.

Being stuck at home fulltime doesn’t mean being lazy, there is always so much to do in your house or apartment. Tidying closets and drawers and throwing out things that you haven’t used in years nor gotten around to ridding. Spending time in the kitchen, cooking up favourite dishes or baking cakes and cookies are always ways to occupy your day and give a pleasing feel of satisfaction.

If gardening is among your hobbies, what can be more productive than pulling out weeds or rearranging those plants that sit in pots. Mowing the lawn if you have the strength for doing it or turning over soil are chores that also provide great ways of exercising

Life after the end of the pandemic will bring about a new form of the normal way of living. It will be a long time before things return to the ways that we knew. Simply having to re-adjust our lives accordingly will be the order of the day. Realization of socializing with friends, going to the movies, concerts, plays or other forms of entertainment such as eating out are all things we will appreciate. And, won’t it be so great when wearing a mask will no longer be essential. Especially, for us older folk who tend to find wearing them claustrophobic

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Source by Gloria Herman