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Originally integrated into the OPay mobile app, OKash personal loan app is a stand-alone mobile app that provides users access to short-term loans at their fingertips.

OKash first launched in Kenya but expanded to Nigeria and India. So, OKash Loan app in Nigeria enables Nigerians apply for personal loans in seconds without collateral.

The app makes it easy for Android smartphone users to apply and access credit loans for their everyday life expenses. From education and health expenses to travel and purchase of goods and services, OKash has a clear goal of making loan management and access easier for everyone who owns a smartphone.

Why OKash Personal Loan?

  1. You can apply loan by your credit. Don’t need any deposits or guarantees.
  2. You can get up to NGN50,000 loan. Disburse to your bank account in a while.
  3. Paperless and digital process on your mobile. All the steps can be done online.
  4. Don’t worry about forgetting repayment. OKash will send messages to remind you.

okay loan app in nigeria

OKash Loan Application. How It Works?

  1. Install the OKash APP from the Play Store.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Select the product you would like to apply for.
  4. Fill out your basic information, then submit the application.
  5. After the submission, you may receive a call for verification. The final application result will be shown in the APP and you will be informed by SMS if approved.
  6. E-sign the loan agreement after the approval.
  7. After the E-sign, the approved loan amount will be disbursed into your account shortly and a SMS notification will be sent.

okash loan application

Eligibility for OKash Loan Nigeria

  1. Nigeria Resident.
  2. 20-55 years old.
  3. Source of a monthly income.
  4. Valid ID Card
  5. BVN Number

Okash Loan Interest Rate in Nigeria?

Interest Rate: Up to 36% per annum as at the time of publishing this post but you can confirm the current okash loan interest rate during your okash loan application.

Download OKash Loan App

You can download OKash app from Google Play Store.

NB : oKash was formerly integrated into OPay mobile app. So, if you are interested in how to get opay loan, opay loan application, how to apply for opay loan, how to re pay opay loan etc, then you should understand that okash opay loan feature can now be accessed via the okash stand alone app.

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OKash Loan App in Nigeria Lets You Apply for Loans in Seconds – OgbongeBlog

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