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NYIF: Upgrade NYIF portal for completion of our application, Nigerian youths beg FG.

Nigerian youths have begged the FG through NIMFB as a matter of urgency to upgrade their NYIF application portal in order for the pre- qualified candidates complete their application process.

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To be part of the ongoing NYIF many have received their first qualification notice from the FG, and what is remaining now is for them to complete their registration and be assured of the funds getting Into their accounts, but the hope is still slim, because the end process has not been completed, once you receive the SMS from Nirsal micro finance Bank, the next thing to do is to create account for yourself with password, and proceed to submitting your Bank details for disbursement, after you have received a confirmation code in your email box.


But many are not able to do this, because the system won’t be accessible due to undefined problems, the verification code were not sent to emails as designed. Many have written many articles on how to get the verification code inorder to submit their bank account details, but as the time we checked many if not all have not progressed on this, many who tried on all these theories weren’t successful, unless if your case and results are different from this you should get us informed, this means that it’s not yet Uhuru with the portal.

Nigerian youths are in eager to get paid and start something good for life, because they were unemployed, poor and depressed, they are seeing this opportunity as the only hope of survival, FG has been doing everything possible to alleviate the poverty trapped people, youths in Nigeria from their sorrow and predicaments.

They have initiated many social investment progams like, Npower program, CBN covid19 50b loan, survival funds grants payroll, survival funds MSME grants, MSME takeoff grants etc. As it’s today many Nigerians have benefited from one of these programs or another. The Nigeria youths investment Funds was designed to help the Nigerian youths who are of the age of 18 – 35 years old.

It will be a thing of Joy anytime this issue of unverified code gets to an end. The government of president Buhari has done much for the Youths, since the last covid19 lockdown and EndSars protests. We’re hoping that sooner than later this NYIF portal will be upgraded and the issues raised in this article be resolved and Nigerian youths gets paid, they will continue to support this Government.

What’s your take on this article, have you witnessed this portal failure or were you successful on your own registration/verification process, kindly share your own opinion here, react effectively on this page.

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