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NYIF Applicants: If you’re not getting your confirmation link, carry out these four steps immediately

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund(NYIF) which was established last year by the Federal Government of Nigeria to empower and support young Nigerian Entrepreneurs who have business ideas and the instinct of growing their Businesses have started to notify Shortlisted applicants for verification.

In today’s article I am going to show you four steps to follow if you didn’t receive your Email verification.

From the recent report that reaches me that many people that received the pre-qualified message are unable to verify their Email. If you failed to receive Email verification message carry out the following steps:

1. Visit the official website https://nyif.nmfb.com.ng/

2. Click on login and provide the details used during the Registration.

3. Click “Didn’t receive token” and provide your Email address.

4. Click on summit after some minutes check your Email address.

I hope the article was helpful

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