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Npower Text Message to Npower Batch C Applicants to Reconfirm ID

If You Have Received Message From N-power Asking You To Reconfirm Your N-power ID, Take Note Of This.

The Federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari have shown much Committed in making sure Nigerian graduates are gainfully employed.

One of the visible ways president Muhammadu Buhari Administration is using to archive this stated goal is through the creation of Empowerment programmes such as N-power, Nigeria Youth Investment fund (NYIF) and Artisan Grant.

Recently, it has been observed that so many N-power applicants have written the online NASIMS test and have gotten a confirmation message while some are yet to receive a message.

However, If You Have Received Message From N-power Asking You To Reconfirm Your N-power ID, kindly comply because it is authentic.

Although the NPower sent fake text messages to applicants who did not request certain criminal facts, NPower officials confirmed that they sent text messages to NPower Batch C applicants.

We are committed to providing accurate information to all our readers at all times, so in this article we will show you how to identify fake messages and how to find the right ones sent directly by NPower Nigeria.

npower message

Npower has confirmed that the text messages sent to some NPower group C Applicants were correct. The new update shared on the Twitter page quoted in the picture below shows that the SMS is not fake.

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