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N-Power Biometrics Fingerprint Update for applicants who have recorded ten fingerprints

It is planned that a batch C of NPower will be set up soon, and the verification process begins when the applicant’s biometric fingerprints are captured.

During the capture, many applicants grabbed the index finger instead of the finger, contrary to the instructions given by NASIMS.

The source information clearly states that those who used ten fingers when capturing biometric fingerprints should not panic, as the system was designed to capture only the thumb and sword and use the full finger to perform their function. Will not affect as long as they make thumbs and swords

Given the 550,000 selected candidates in the NPower Batch C, there are currently more people using ten fingers than those who point fingers. Initially, it was recommended that thumb and index fingerprints be lightened to facilitate the process. , But some of them have caught all the fingers; That’s not a problem.

However, the system was designed to capture the thumbs and index fingers of both hands, and those who held ten fingers achieved the same results, as indicated by the markings on their instrument panels during the test.

While the whole situation became favorable for those who tied ten fingers; People should learn to follow instructions so as not to miss important opportunities in the future.

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