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Shortlisted names of Npower batch C to be released next month

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In June 2020, application was opened to unemployed youths who may be interested in the Npower program. Hopes were high that a new batch would soon be onboarded but unfortunately, those hopes seems to have been dimmed.

It is surprising to note that, in close to one year after application, nothing has been heard from the ministry. Certainly, there are worries from applicants and parents who look forward to the prospect of engaging there wards in a federal government empowerment program.

some of these applicants have given up and some are already holding the opinion that they may have been decieved by the government.

But according to unconfirmed report, all efforts are in place to release shortlisted names of successful applicants.

from the series of response gathered from social media page of the ministry, names of shortlisted batch C will be released in the month of March.

It is not out of place to say that this applicants are exhausted and could barely believe or trust the ministry of humanitarian affairs for any plan-short or long term.

The minister of Humanitarian Affairs ,Umar Farouq, has not at any time address the issue of npower batch C applicant, therefore everything is left to rumour and fake news.

It will shock some of us to know that those who applied for npower creative (Ncreative)in the 2019 application were shortlisted last year and have just resumed camping and training in January ,2021. This is to tell you that the batch C applicants are not left alone in the ill treatment of unemployed youths in the country.

So, delaying and time wasting is not new to the minister and the ministry. As it stands, npower batch C applicants have to remain patience with the snail speed approach of the minister, Umar Farouq.

responding to questions on the verified facebook page of Npower, the handlers persuaded applicant to watch out for the next plan soon.

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