Npower Batch C : Don’t Share ATM Numbers

Npower Batch C : Don’t Tell ATM Numbers – Nasims Warning!

Nasims Program Management has warned Npower beneficiaries not to give their ATM number and not to answer calls for ATM number.

The post reads:
Dear Beneficiaries, don’t be a victim.

ATM credentials are strangely sensitive information and should be provided with the strictest confidence.

So, don’t pay attention to all your considered ATM credentials to pay for your paid September Scholarship as they are fraudulent. Please note that EnPower officials may never engage in such unhealthy activities or use a simple telephone number to contact a beneficiary and collect ATM data. Our official lines are still 092203102, 018888340. Thanks!

In addition, our attention was drawn to an absurd post announcing the launch of EnPower Batch C2 in the social sphere and announcing payment of 500 500 for additional recruitment.

In fact, Npower / Nasims will never and never will ask applicants to pay for inclusion in any program list / shortlist, as this is contrary to the fraudulent access scheme and the intent of our agents.

Ignore the deceptive part of the clone sites that are designed to be the victim of innocence. To achieve this effect, we would like to inform you that the selection of C2 batch has not started yet. Follow all our official social media platforms for authentic information. Thank you!

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