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NPower Batch C Candidates – Do This Immediately

If you encounter these three problems before or after the test, do it immediately.

Several Npower Batch C applicants today complained on social media during a group interview with the NPower Batch C WhatsApp group about the challenges faced before and after the 20min test.

This report inspired us to write this guide so that we could know how to solve some of the problems of the applicants.
Some of the issues encountered during group chat are:

1. I tried to reset my password, but did not receive the reset password Email: If you are stuck with the above problem, do this to fix the problem due to network failure:

– Applicants should wait a few hours or minutes and try again.

– All applicants are advised to send password reset request only once and wait for the link in their email. mailing address. – If you have not received the email in a few hours, it is a good idea to check your spam folder.

npower password reset

2. Failed to validate your BVN: In this case of validating your BVN, applicants are expected to provide correct information about their account details (BVN) registered with the bank. After a few hours, they too should check the portal as this may cause network failure.

npower bvn validate

3. Failed to update your profile: This profile update problem may be the result of a bad network. Applicants are expected to try again in a few hours.

npower profile update

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