Npower Batch A, B And C

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Npower Batch A, B And C Volunteers Should Disregard This Fake Information Seen On Social media.

Allegedly, the Npower volunteer went to her Facebook handle to upload a text message from an unknown source, and the information in the message forced her to fill out an online form to confirm her Npower’. See her post below

n-power msg

The source of the information up to the above record is unknown and the party categories on NPower are clearly missing.

Looking at the text message alone you will agree with me that the information contained in it does not provide any meaningful information even if it is for Nexit or NASIM online test points, i.e. this message can be considered false or misleading.

Volunteers nexit batch A and B should be aware of all the false and physician related information about the exit package being distributed online and the applicant of N Power Batch C  should also pay attention to the fraudulent things that force them to cheat or defraud. Fake blogs, scammers and internet scammers are always showing the bad ways to get innocent Nigerian banking information to save their money.

Get official and up-to-date information from the FG-NPower social media channel @npower_ng or others, do not reply to unsolicited messages or open websites that force you to. Check properly before replying to a message you have received or that there is a risk of a reaction.

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