Nottingham Forest star Taiwo Awoniyi inspires with “Never Stop Dreaming” tournament in hometown Ilorin

The Never Stop Dreaming tournament served as a powerful reminder to aspiring young footballers that dreams can be turned into reality through determination and perseverance

Nottingham Forest forward, Taiwo Awoniyi, returned to his hometown, Ilorin, Kwara State, to organize the highly anticipated “Never Stop Dreaming” tournament, reports.

The event, held at a local pitch, brought together aspiring young footballers from the community, offering them a platform to showcase their skills and pursue their dreams.

The event graced by Eintracht Braunschweig striker, Anthony Ujah, his agent, Maximilian Brommer, and many dignitaries, was an inspiring display of passion and determination by the Super Eagles forward.

When asked about the motivation behind organizing the tournament, Awoniyi shared his heartfelt perspective to saying, “Well, for me, I’m just this guy that, I do not know how to put it, but all glory and honour goes to God, which is the most important thing.”

He further added, “But the truth is, some of my friends used to say that ‘Taiwo, your life is like a script’. For me, personally, everything that happened today is things that I have said into existence before because those are my dreams, coming from nothing to something.”

Awoniyi’s journey from humble beginnings to professional football has been marked by resilience and unwavering belief.

He acknowledged the doubts others may have had about his potential but emphasized the importance of self-belief. “Even if no one believes in me, there are things I say to my guys that are closer to me that even when I am always walking from Gbagba to that pitch, those are things that I said to them then that these things [The match tournament] would happen,” he revealed.

The Nottingham Forest star credited his boyhood coach for instilling the values of hard work and faith. “And just like my boyhood coach will always say, ‘just believe in God and work hard’, no one knows what tomorrow will tell,” Awoniyi shared.

Reflecting on the tournament, he expressed his joy at seeing his dreams materialize. “For me standing there today, it is more like seeing what I have said into existence many years back, even without having an idea of how it will come to pass.”

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As the tournament concluded, participants left with newfound inspiration and a strengthened belief in their own abilities.

Awoniyi’s journey from the local pitches of Ilorin to professional football has become a beacon of hope for aspiring talents, emphasizing the significance of dreaming big and working tirelessly to achieve those dreams.

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