NL EP Review:- Do You Think Seyi Vibez Debut EP “No Seyi, No Vibez” Beats Expectation? » Naijaloaded

NL EP Review:- Do You Think Seyi Vibez Debut EP “No Seyi, No Vibez” Beats Expectation? » Naijaloaded

The EP “No Seyi, No Vibez” chronicles Seyi Vibez’s dramatic ascent from bottom to the top, within twenty minutes and on eight different stages.

Seyi Vibez is relatively new if we’re talking about how many minutes it’s been since he has been in the mainstream. One year ago, he was just a guy with a handful of songs that resonates with hustlers on the streets.

Today, he’s a household name, and that’s for one reason; we are all hustlers, we are the streets. You can’t separate the streets from the industry.

And while it’s true that the game is sold separately, if you’re hot on the streets, it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream gets wind of you. It happened with Slimcase, Zlatan, Bella Shmurda, the list is non-exhaustive. It’s up to the artist, though, to ride the wave through the direction of the art, the music, the style.

Seyi Vibez is a good guy. Talent, check. Effort, check. Connections, check. Maybe he is running on Grace, who knows, but what we do know for sure is that the status Vibez has attained is a culmination of his unique talent, his ever-apparent effort, and the names he’s been associated with.

It is this dynamic combination that has served as a build-up to the release of his debut EP, “No Seyi, No Vibez.” Does he deliver, does he fall short? That’s certainly another story.

“No Seyi, No Vibez” EP – THE REVIEW

The 8-track EP kicks off with a rather unusual Vibez on “Superstar,” as he tries to hit on a girl with his new-found superstar status.

The laid-back afro-pop tune is an instant favorite. It doesn’t have the usual energetic style Seyi almost always does, but if anything it showcases his not-so-apparent versatility.

What this means is, he’s not just a guy with all the prayers for the hustle. He can be more than that if he wants to be when he has to be. That’s obviously a glimmer of hope for his young career.

It wasn’t going to be long before the real Seyi Vibez came in, I mean. “Big Vibe” the second track on the EP is a Rexxie-produced pop jam with all the elements that make up an average Vibez song. For example, there are intermittent prayers and the occasional call for angels.

Tracks like “Over Sabi” tap from that same well. And while the tempo might be a little bit higher sometimes, they’re basically the same songs if you check well. But they’re also incredibly short, so the EP doesn’t bore you, and you don’t get to skip anything either.

The highlight of the EP is probably the interesting guest features. “Para Mode” with Teni isn’t exactly what you’ll expect, but it kind of does the job. It’s not close to the best song on the project, but it doesn’t make it worse either.

The remix of his popular hit, “Pay Day” which features Reekado Banks is perhaps a much better one than the Teni song. Reekado Banks did what he could, of course, but it’s hard to do better than Seyi on a track like this.

Catalyst” is one of Seyi Vibez‘s first hits, and this resurgence may see the song even go greater heights than before. It’s a conscious song for the streets, and it’s got some kind of spiritual vibe on it.

The reason for the inclusion of “God Sent” in this project is obvious. It’s Vibez’s biggest song, it’s his best too. It’s got the kind of music that can top charts, and take him places. And even if he had released the song in 2017, it’s probably best if it’s on his debut project.

NSNV” details his story from the start, up until now, and has the bravado you’d expect from a guy who has seen the wave he’s seen of recent.

Overall, the EP matches my expectations, and it’s everything I thought it would be. It’s got the regular Vibez, a different Vibez, and a clever interpolation. We don’t need to say much, really. Seyi Vibez hit the ground running with “No Seyi, No Vibez.” Write this down, the boy is here to stay!

Rating: 8/10

On A Scale Of 1 — 10, What Would You Rate “No Seyi, No Vibez”?

NL EP Review:- Do You Think Seyi Vibez Debut EP "No Seyi, No Vibez" Beats Expectation? » Naijaloaded

Do You Think Seyi Vibez Debut EP “No Seyi, No Vibez” Beats Expectation?

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