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Nigerian Army begins online registration for DSSC Recruitment 2020

The Nigerian Army has issued a statement on August 2020 at official portal. According to this statement, new job applications have been invited for DSSC and SSC recruitment exercise 2020/2021.

To make it easier for applicants, the Nigerian Army has broken the process of applying for its job following a recent announcement of a vacancy in the security body.

The online and direct application of the application is published on the Nigerian Army’s website and instructs applicants to fill out a form which can be edited and viewed.

Candidates are urged to upload certificates correctly and carefully so that they will be shortlisted once their status is checked.

Nigerian Army Recruitment 2020 Updates

The Nigeria army has opened a call for the Nigerian Army DSSC and SSC Recruitment. Registration is possible until 29th September 2020. The opportunity is open to both men and women who are able to meet the required parameters. This is the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 26 and Short Service Combatant (SSC) Commission Course 47 for 2021. Many youth can realize their dreams and enter armed forces. All information on the announcement below.

DSSC & SSC Recruitment 2020 Details

  1. Short Service Combatant Commission Course (SSC 47/2021)
  2. Army Engineer (DSSC 26/2021)
  3. Ordnance Corps Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  4. Dental Therapists / Dental Surgery Assistant (DSSC 26/2021)
  5. General Duty Medical / Dental Officer  (DSSC 26/2021)
  6. Optometrist (DSSC 26/2021)
  7. Army Corps Officer – Supply and Transport (DSSC 26/2021)
  8. Electrical and Mechanical Engineer (DSSC 26/2021) (DSSC 26/2021)
  9. Medical and Dental Consultant (DSSC 26/2021)
  10. Nigerian Army Intelligence Corps Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  11. Army Signals Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  12. Army Finance Corps Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  13. Officer – Directorate of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic) (DSSC 26/2021)
  14. Army Corps of Military Police (DSSC 26/2021)
  15. Officer – Directorate of Chaplain Services (Protestant) (DSSC 26/2021)
  16. Nigerian Army Education Corps Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  17.  Army Band Corps Officer (DSSC 26/2021)
  18. Professionals Allied to Medicine (DSSC 26/2021)
  19. Nurse (DSSC 26/2021)
  20. Pharmacist (DSSC 26/2021)
  21. Clinical Psychologist (DSSC 26/2021)
  22. Directorate of Army Physical Training (DSSC 26/2021)
  23. Officer – Directorate of Army Aviation (DSSC 26/2021)
  24. Officer – Directorate of Islamic Affairs (DSSC 26/2021)
  25. Officer – Directorate of Legal Service (DSSC 26/2021)
  26. Officer – Directorate of Public Relations (DSSC 26/2021)
  27. Dental Technologist (DSSC 26/2021)

View Details and Apply Online

Register for Nigerian Army DSSC Recruitment 2020 Updates

If you are interested in this job then register today on our website so that we can send you the news of 2020 recruitment form.

Steps to Register Free 

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Visit or to check the list of shortlisted candidates.

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